Mercury Calculator

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Mercury Sign for October 20, 2019 1:11:25 PM BST:

Scorpio 21° 16'
  • Detective abilities: can find hidden things, uncover secrets. Able to understand the hidden motives of other people.
  • A penetrating mind: will see the hidden essence behind many layers of fluff.
  • Intuitive, interested in mysterious subjects and has enough brain power and persistence to study even the most difficult subjects.
  • Can be suspicious and secretive. Tends to concentrate on negative thoughts, and might find it difficult to get rid of them.
  • Clearly sees other people's weak spots, and so can easily hurt another person with his or her words.

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Mercury is not Out-Of-Bounds, declination 20° 54'.

Speed: 0° 58' (Average)

Mercury is in Direct Motion.

Distance from the Sun: 24° 28'


Progressed Stations of Mercury

Retrograde11y 2mDec 2030
Direct31y 4mFeb 2051













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