Mercury Calculator

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Mercury Sign for April 23, 2021 7:08:16 PM BST:

Taurus 9° 11'
  • A practical mind that doesn't like to be hurried or challenged.
  • Good understanding of the material value of things.
  • Patience and persistence when studying or doing other intellectual work, good ability to concentrate on the subject.
  • Interested in nature and beautiful things.
  • Strong common sense.
  • Avoids arguments but still insists on his or her own opinion.
  • Likes to have plenty of time and resources for everything he or she does.

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Mercury is not Out-Of-Bounds, declination 14° 47'.

Speed: 2° 08' (Fast)

Mercury is in Direct Motion.

Distance from the Sun: 5° 23'

Combust by the Sun


Progressed Stations of Mercury

Retrograde36y 2mJun 2057
Direct60y 2mJun 2081













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