Lunarium Update: Lunar Gardening

Lunarium News #128, July 24, 2021

I’ve just completed a major project for my Russian audience, two series of webinars on Magi Astrology. One of them was in May, 4 days long, another in July, 3 days long. There are many new ideas and examples which I will use in the coming weeks to update the English version of my Magi Astrology course.

Now I am resuming my work on the new version of Lunarium. The plan is to gradually move all the valuable content from the old to the new, then redirect the old domain name to the new one, and then keep adding new content. I have many ideas that I hope will be interesting and useful for you.

Right now, I’ve refreshed and re-formatted my old article about two traditions of lunar gardening. It refers to the Lunar Gardening Calendar which used to be a part of the old Lunarium, but because of some breaking changes in the underlying platform isn’t available anymore. And I haven’t created a similar calendar on the new Lunarium. In fact, I am thinking of simply upgrading the Universal Lunar Calendar so that it contained all the essential information for gardening. Or maybe I will create a separate sidereal version of the lunar calendar.

I would be interested to hear, how many people are actually using the European gardening tradition? Is it worth the effort to reflect it in Lunarium’s calendars? If you are using those Root and Leaf etc days, please let me know by simply responding to this email.

It’s been a while since I offered discounts to my Udemy courses, so this comes next.

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