A Happy and Beautiful Solstice

Lunarium News #128, June 12, 2021

The Summer Solstice is approaching! It will take place on June 21, at 3:32 GMT — so in the United States that will be still evening of June 20. Here is a chart for it:

Summer Solstice 2021

The most important aspect in this chart is an applying trine between the Sun and strong in its own sign Jupiter. Jupiter will become stationary on the solstice day, which will make it even more prominent. This is one of the most positive astrological aspects possible. It is associated with optimism, good luck, wisdom, generosity, expansion and new horizons. However, since Jupiter is becoming retrograde on that day, the emphasis is not on the external expansion but rather on the internal quest for wisdom or on the more successful use of the already accumulated resources.

Quite interestingly, it isn’t only the Sun that makes an aspect to Jupiter in this chart. The other luminary, the Moon, makes a parallel to it, and this is one of the most important aspects of the traditional astrology. Reinhold Ebertin in his COSI book gives for the combination of energies of the Sun and Jupiter keywords health, joy, and recognition, good moral qualities. For the Moon and Jupiter combination the keywords are feeling of happiness, kindness or a good heart, religious, kindness, benevolence.

Another very important aspect in the solstice chart is a precise applying trine between Venus in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces. Pisces is a home sign for Neptune and the sign of exaltation for Venus, so this aspect is somewhat more important than an exact applying trine. Some astrologers believe that Cancer is the sign of exaltation of Neptune. If that is true then Venus and Neptune are in a mutual exaltation in this chart, which gives their aspect even more prominenece. What is the message of this aspect? If we share the idea about Neptune being the higher octave of Venus then together they are speaking about high art, refined beauty, sublime manifistations of love. At a more down-to-earth level it is about the attractiveness of mystical and religious experiences, heightened sensitivity to beauty, dreams of love. Ebertin wrote about this combination of energies: sensitivity in love, great receptivity for beauty, art and music, a dreamy nature, good taste, high ideals. We might also notice that Venus makes a parallel to the Sun, so this isn’t just a separate aspect but rather an integral feature of the solstice chart, and it should manifest itself meaningfully in the following three months.

Weather-wise, the chart of the coming solstice is very wet. So I’d expect the following months will bring us a fair share of precipitation, especially in the areas where Venus and Neptune will be on the angles. I would even expect something very unusual as the Sun/Neptune and Venus/Jupiter midpoints are close to Uranus in Taurus. I noticed that the ACG lines of Venus on the Ascendant and Neptune on the MC cross over Ukraine. On the other hand, Northern Italy might be one of the luckiest and happiest places during the coming three months as the lines of the Sun on the Ascendant and Jupiter on the MC are crossing over it.

What Is Declination and Why It Is Important

The topics of declination, aspects of declination and out-of-bound planets are becoming more and more important for me. Back in January, I suggested them for a presentation at the 2021 conference of the Astrological Association of Great Britain, and now I have two one-hour talks scheduled for me (the other one is about Local Space Charts, one more topic I’m quite interested in).

So I am beginning to put some words together in preparation for the conference, and one of the results is the article I’ve just published, What Is Declination and Why It Is Important. It’s a companion article of the one I’ve published a bit earlier, Out-Of-Bounds Planets.

I have some more ideas for articles and for interactive apps, like the Out-of-Bounds Planets Calculator, and hope to have something ready for the next newsletter.

Courses’ Sales

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