What Are You Made of, Astrologically?

The balance of the Elements and the Qualities is one of the simplest approaches to interpreting the birth details of a person, and yet it can be surprisingly revealing. Subscribers to my Micro-Lessons of Astrology acknowledge that a brief description of the Qualities that I offered helped them to understand themselves and their partners, their strengths and weaknesses.

There can surely be different approaches to evaluating the balance of the Elements and the Qualities. This particular algorithm only takes into account the natal planets, from the Sun to Pluto. It also assigns a different weight to different groups of planets. The Luminaries, the Sun and the Moon, get 4 points. Personal Planets (Mercury, Venus, and Mars) get 3 points each. Social Planets (Jupiter and Saturn) get 2 points each, whereas Uranus, Neptune and Pluto only get 1 point each.

Interpretations only appear for those factors that either stronger or weaker than the average. For example, if the amount of Fire in your profile is average, you won't see anything about it, but if it is stronger or weaker than average, you will!

It might be interesting to ponder on your so called "synthetic sign". It's the sign of the zodiac at the intersection of your strongest Element and Quality. It can often be your Sun Sign or Moon Sign, and so unsurprising, but occasionally it can be something very different and thought-provoking.

I hope you will enjoy this interactive feature. Please do not hesitate to contact me and tell me about your discoveries.

Planets' Positions at Birth

Sun 26° 45' Libra Jupiter 21° 14' Sagittarius
Moon 13° 19' Cancer Saturn 14° 45' Capricorn
Mercury 21° 13' Scorpio Uranus 4° 56' Taurus
Venus 14° 36' Scorpio Neptune 16° 19' Pisces
Mars 10° 30' Libra Pluto 20° 42' Capricorn

Modes and Qualities Count

Fire 2 Cardinal 14
Earth 4 Fixed 7
Air 7 Mutable 3
Water 11    


The average values for the Elements are from 6 to 7, for the Qualities -- from 8 to 10. If your points for an Element are above the average, that Element is strong in your profile, and the more points, the stronger it is. But if the number of points is less than average, that Element is weak, and the lesser -- the weaker. The same is true about the Qualities.

Below you will find interpretations for strong or weak Elements and Qualities for the submitted birth details.

The Element of Fire is Weak

Usually manifests as an absence of original ideas and incentives to action. In principle, this person can be quite active and mobile but as if lacking a power source. He or she has to wait until someone with strong Fire will come up with an idea, or illuminate the field of activity -- then they'll be able to take up the case.

The Element of Earth is Weak

Weak Element of Earth manifests itself as a lack of practicality and separation from reality. Such people can have all sorts of plans and designs but are usually unable to implement them on their own.

The Element of Water is Strong

Strong Water gives the person emotionality, romanticism, imagination, and an ability to synthesize. Thanks to their ability to empathize and to understand others without words, Water people play an integrating role in society. They represent that mysterious glue that brings together disparate facts and things to make something integral and coherent. The fantasies of Water give everything depth and perspective. One could say that the Element of Water is the soul of the world.

In the body, the Element of Water is associated with all the liquids. Life, as we know, has emerged from the ocean, and we are mostly made of water, and the content of salts in our blood is similar to that in the sea water. Therefore the balance of the Element of Water is strongly related to the work of the whole system, and any disharmony creates unfavorable conditions for all, without exception, life processes. It reduces the overall resistance of the organism.

Emotionally, the Water people can be compared to a pond. Not that much can be seen on the surface, except for a few small waves perhaps, but under the surface there is a plentiful life. It is typical for those who have strongly emphasized element of Water to possess a rich and complex inner life and deep emotionality, but all this rich content is hidden from the eye of a casual observer and can only open to those who are ready to plunge into their life.

Intellectually, the Element of Water gives imaginative thinking, an ability to synthesize -- to make a single whole from very different, sometimes seemingly incompatible things and notions. Symbol is a very much Water concept, because behind a dry superficial appearance of a sign it contains an ocean of meanings and nuances.

The Cardinal Quality is Strong

Strong cardinality is typical for initiators, generators of ideas, people making the first step in a new direction.

Acute, suddenly emerging health problems are typical for Cardinal people. These usually come to naught quite quickly, without leaving behind a significant trace.

The impulse that prompts Cardinal people to take an action usually comes from within. It arises in their mind, and so the Cardinal quality is sometimes also called 'mental'.

On one hand, this way of motivation is beneficial, since Cardinal people are very independent, but on the other hand, there is also a hidden weakness, as the Cardinal people's actions are usually poorly connected with reality.

Another fundamental weakness of these people is that they are unable to continue what was started. For this, they need assistance of people representing the other two Qualities, the Fixed people in the first place.

The Fixed Quality is Weak

This means that the person is unstable. It would be better for him or her to not engage in an activity that requires a lot of time for completion.

The Mutable Quality is Weak

It indicates that the person poorly understands the real-life conditions, and is not able to maneuver and find the path of least resistance.







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