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Personal Years in the Lives of Celebrities

With the knowledge of the personal year cycles, it can be interesting to read biographies. I usually find that the years of 8 stand out quite prominently. For example, 1980 was the year of 8 for Steve Jobs, the former Apple CEO, and it was the year when Apple went public, making Jobs and 300 other people millionaires. When Jobs returned to Apple after a period of absence, the company was close to bankruptcy, but in 1998, another year of 8 for Jobs, iMac was introduced, and it became the fastest-selling computer in Apple's history. And Jobs' next year of 8 was 2007, the year of the iPhone!

I find that Arnold Schwarzenegger's Total Recall book can be a treasure trove for a student of numerology as it provides not only the years but also a lot of personal feelings and details that help to understand the meaning of each particular year for the author. Identifying the year of 1 in a biography can be tricky as the changes introduced by number 1 can be subtle, but in Total Recall we find nuggets like this: "In the fall of 1962, at the age of fifteen, I began a new chapter in my life". He was born on the 30th of July 1947. Let's calculate his personal year for the year 1962:

3 + 0 + 7 + 1 + 9 + 6 + 2 = 28

28 -> 2 + 8 = 10 -> 1 + 0 = 1

It was his year of 1! Quite appropriate for a new chapter in his life! What was that chapter about? Schwarzenegger lived in a small Austrian town but his dreams were big: "I was going to go for the Mr. Universe title; I was going to break records in power lifting; I was going to Hollywood". Reading the book, we can follow his life year-by-year, and it is fascinating to see how the themes of numbers were developed, different themes in different years.

In 1963, the year of 2, Schwarzenegger made his first public appearance, it was in a beer hall in Graz, Austria: "We were facing off against weight lifters from a rival club, and the match was part of the entertainment for a crowd of three hundred to four hundred people". The theme of 2 can be seen here quite clearly: "me and them", "me and the crowd".

I couldn't find any mention of the year of 3 in the book, although the "culture feeding" undertaken by Schwarzenegger's employers, had a lot of relevance to the theme of Three, and so I suspect it could have been taking place in 1964. "She'd sit us down for long stretches and discuss art, religion, current affairs".

However, the theme of the year of 4, 1965, can be seen quite clearly. Schwarzenegger joined the army to become a tank driver, and on that path he underwent a lot of strenuous training. The year of 4 also usually brings some tangible results, and it was the year when Arnold won the title Best Built Junior Athlete of Europe.

The year of 5 is when we usually begin to appreciate that other options are available, this is the year of the crossroads, and by Spring 1966, his year of 5, Arnold was beginning to think that that army wasn't necessarily a practical choice for him. He received several job offers, including the one he accepted, a job managing a gym in Munich. In the year of 5 you usually meet a lot of new people, and as Schwarzenegger recollected, "I would teach small groups and do one-to-one sessions with a wild assortment of guys: cops, construction workers, businessmen, intellectuals, athletes, entertainers, Germans and foreigners, young and old, gay and straight".

1967 was the year of 6. This is usually a major step on the path to culmination, and it was the year when Schwarzenegger won the Mr. Universe title for the first time.

The year of Seven, 1968, was also very successful as Arnold won the Mr. Universe title again, but the year of Seven often brings the feeling of isolation, some loss, and striving for perfection. We can see all of these in Schwarzenegger's book. After winning Mr. Universe he went to America for the first time to take part in another competition, and there he lost. Just read this passage to feel the theme of number 7:

“That night, despair came crashing in. My cheerfulness almost never deserts me, but it did then. I was in a foreign country, away from my family, away from my friends, surrounded by strange people in a place where I didn't speak the language.”

He also kept blaming himself for not being perfect: I could have done this, I could have done that...

But then the year of 8 came, 1969. His dream became true: he lived in Los Angeles, and he was perhaps the single bodybuilder there who was paid just for training and preparing for the next competition. He won the competition in the US that he lost the year before, and his comment in the book is so typical for the year of Eight: "The contest went even better than I'd planned. In one of the strongest fields ever, I ran over all the rest". Then he went to London and won there. Twice Mr. Universe in one year!

I noticed that number 8 is closely related to success in business, and Schwarzenegger's story confirms that. While training for competitions, he also got involved in a number of successful businesses: with his benefactor Joe, with his training partner Franco and on his own too.

Number 8 also seems to be especially important in the acting profession, and we remember that Hollywood was a part of Schwarzenegger's big dream. So it is interesting to note that in his year of 8 Arnold was offered his first role in a movie, Hercules in New York.

The year of 9 is the year of completion, when something comes close to ending and a new theme might start to appear in life. For Schwarzenegger, completion meant that he won all the titles in bodybuilding that he could have dreamt of. There was no further way up, he was at the top of the mountain. As for the new theme, the filming of Hercules in New York took place that year. It came a bit too early in terms of Schwarzenegger's personal year rhythm, and so it is not too surprising that the movie wasn't successful — it wasn't even screened.

The Year of 8

The most important year for achievements. Your efforts during this year will have maximum influence on the end result of the whole epicycle. Use all the energy you have, all the accumulated knowledge and experience to create the maximum effect, to achieve the ultimate success. Pay special attention to the material and financial results of your activities: this is exactly where you should expect to see the results of your efforts during the previous seven years, this is where you will reap the fruits of the seeds that you sowed in the year of 1.

Be effective, practical, and neglect nothing. Imagine you are the managing director of your own life and approach everything as a shrewd businessman or businesswoman — this is exactly the approach which will allow you to utilize the potential of number 8 to its maximum. The impression that you make on other people is very important too. You should consider buying a more prestigious car this year, or a high quality suit, so that your image is appropriate for the level in life that you are targeting.

Try to see a potential for self-affirmation and a source of valuable experience in every problem you meet. Be confident: during the year of 8 you can quite rightfully assume that nothing is impossible for you. This year is like an exam of the epicycle. Its result will strongly depend on your psychological power, charm and ability to attract people onto your side. So don't spare any effort, use every available means; try to get the highest mark possible in this exam.

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