Moon Sign: Questions & Answers

What is Moon Sign?

Let's start from your Star Sign. What is it? Star Sign is actually a misnomer. It is a fancy name given by those people who work for newspapers and magazines to the Sun Sign.

What's the Sun Sign then? It is the Sign of the Zodiac where the Sun was at the moment of your birth. Through the year, the Sun travels through the whole Zodical belt, and its movement is so regular that it is quite possible to find out in which Sign of the Zodiac the Sun was located at the moment of your birth from your birthday. Like, you probably know, those who was born from the 21st of March to the 19th of April are Aries people, and so on.

Astrology is based on the ancient rule "As Above So Below", and since the Sun is such a prominent celestial body, it has to have some very significant role in astrology - and it does. There is, however, another celestial body that is quite prominent too - the Moon. According to the rules of astrology, it has to have some very significant role too - and it does! In the same way as each of us has his or her Sun Sign, we all have our Moon Signs too.

However, very few people know their Moon Sign - and that's because you cannot calculate it from your birthday. You need a Moon Sign calculator, and our calculator, plus to telling you what is your Moon Sign, will also tell you very precisely in which degree and minute of that sign the Moon was located at your birth, as well as which celebrities have their Moon in the same degree. And, for the sake of astrological education of Humanity, all this is absolutely free!

How exactly is the Moon Sign calculated?

There are astronomical formulae that allow to find out the Moon's position in the sky for practically any moment in the past and in the future. Lunarium uses for this purpose the state-of-the-art library for astronomical and astrological calculations named Swiss Ephemeris. This library is available for free download and comes with a decent documentation. If you are a programmer, you can use it in your software.


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