Astrological Forecasts for the Signs of the Zodiac

This page showcases the work of the students of Astrological Forecasting for Everyone course

Nancee McCraw

Nancee's Story

Nancee McCraw is a pianist, teacher and composer living in Atlanta, GA. She is new to the study of astrology but has been a passionate seeker and studied the greater mysteries her whole life. "I am a lifelong student and am always learning, and in the process of learning, fine tuning the way I see the world and my place in it".

A Partnership Forecast for Aries

Dear Aries, from September 2016 to September 2017, when Jupiter will be traveling through he sign of Libra, you could find that your relationships with your business partners and or long term relationships will be stronger and more harmonious. Your rivals and open enemies will be less potent and easily overcome, in other words, they will not pose the problems in your life that they have in the past, and some may disappear. Their presence will be diminished and more harmony will be established in those areas. This is a good time to make peace with an enemy if you desire or to move past a business or personal rival with your abilities. You will be favored in these actions. Your formal relationships with which you have obligations to will be easier and even become more favorable to you. You will reach new harmonious levels in your personal and business life and others will see you in new and improved ways. Look for your reputation to get a boost during this time.

A Career Forecast for Pisces

Dear Pisces,
During the time when Saturn is in your 10th house, which will be for the rest of 2017, you may find delays or obstacles in your career, or obstructions to your hopes of rising in social circles, or in organizations that are dear to you. This is a time when being organized will be beneficial as you work behind the scenes -without acknowledgement perhaps-but will bear fruit in the future when Saturn leaves the 10th house. Yo u may find yourself with more responsibly than usual and that is where the organization skills will come in handy during this time of your life. The universe may be trying to teach you how to be more organized and responsible, skills that will pay off in every area of your life. You may feel that pushing harder will get you where you want to be in your job or social circles, but that could lead to frustration. A better way would be to focus on what skills you need to improve on, and work on those- as Saturn will be bring concentration to your life during this time and you may find it easier to improve those skills. There can also be difficulties with your superiors- so understanding this can help you become proactive and prevent anything from getting too big to handle.

A Love Forecast for Scorpio

For Scorpio — Venus in Pisces February 11 2018 through March 6 2018

Venus will be traveling through your 5th house during the traditional day of love, February 14th, and this next Valentine’s Day can be very romantic, filled with the joy of being together and the pleasures of love. This is a time to put aside the mundane matters of life and have reckless abandon with your partner or lover. This month would be a great time to discover new restaurants in town, or travel to a great botanical garden or somewhere that is known for it’s beauty. Dress up in something you love to wear and go to a concert or a play.

If you like games of chance or just want to have fun at a casino-this is a great time to book a trip to Vegas-lady luck is on your side during this period. Just go with the attitude of having fun, nothing too serious, and see some shows and eat at great restaurants, along with a little gambling here and there-and you could be lucky this trip and come back with more money than you spend.

Creative expression will be highlighted this season of Venus, so make time to do what you love to do, especially if it is creative and artistic. This is also a good time to take those piano lessons you always wished you had taken as a kid, or sign up for an art class at the local community college. The creative muse will be with you so work on your writing projects and you will feel the flow of good energy to guide you in your work.

Your kids will enjoy creative time with you too so have some fun making crafts together or starting a family night of basketball or kick ball in the backyard.

Other things to watch for this month, according to where you are in life-possible pregnancy, a new romantic but non serious lover, an invitation to a party or celebration.

Rachael Middleton

As you will see from Rachael's fascinating story, she is not new to astrology, and there are several students on the course at about her level. But there are also many students who started from scratch, having background in Tarot, herbalism or other disciplines. They are doing well too, and in the coming weeks I am planning to have more of the students' work featured on this page.

Here are some examples of Rachael's coursework. These are real forecasts, written for specific signs of the zodiac and for specific periods of time, but at this stage in the course, they are taking into account a limited number of factors.

In addition to her fluency in astrology, Rachael also has a definite writing talent, and I hope you'll enjoy her forecasts as muc as I did!

Family Life Forecasts for 2017

Great news for home loving Cancer, this year will bring blessings and expansion to your home and family. Expanding your home physically (by moving to a more spacious place or adding on an addition) is one possibility, maybe in response to a new baby or elder family member moving in. If an elder does come to live with you, it will likely be a welcome addition to the household.

For Virgo home and family life might be more challenging and demanding in 2017. It could be because of strained relationships with parents, or because of you feel you are outgrowing your house. Its possible that you will have more responsibility at home, and if an older relative visits or moves in with you at this time, you may feel their presence as a burden or heavy influence. It is a good time to scale down and not the wisest time to buy property.

The household is looking better than ever in the month of April for the sign of Capricorn. It's possible that some renovations or remodeling, even purchasing new household goods will add a touch of beauty and harmony to the environment. Parents are a source of happiness and family in general receives a benefic blessing. If you are looking to redecorate or makes some simple changes now is a good time, and your efforts will go a long way. A young female relative may also come to visit or stay with you for a bit of time, and this makes for a good time also.

A Saturn-Based Forecast for Pisces

Professionally Pisces have been going through some challenges and obstacles for the last year and this will continue until the end of 2017. However, it does not mean that success is out of the question; it will just be hard won and not achieved as easily as it would be at other times. This is a time when your boss or superiors (or parents for young people) may be extra hard on you, very demanding and you will be required to follow all the rules in order to stay where you are, much less get ahead. This is a good time to buckle down and become more disciplined professionally, to think about whether what you are doing for work really suits you and the type of social image you want to create.

It takes a long time for Saturn to move around the chart, and it will not be in the house of your career again for another 28-30 years. This is a key moment that can provide a culmination of success in an professional endeavor you have been working on for a long time, or it can be a time where you a stripped down to the bare bones and have to confront the stark cold realties of the choices you have made in career and destiny. You may even be worried about being fired (or perhaps even find yourself out of work) however, this is only the case if the work you had been doing was ultimately at an end for you and the time has come for building a stronger foundation.

Saturn in the 10th house can be a time where you can receive recognition for your hard work or your lack of preparation catches up to you. The choice has already been made (by you and your actions up until now) so take your medicine and learn from this formative time. Anything that passes away when Saturn comes around is truly done, and the wheel continues to turn.

A Financial Forecast for Virgo

Virgo can look forward to some good luck and increase in the area of personal finances and possessions. Starting in September of 2016 until October of 2017 an increase in money (as well as spending) can be expected. There is good reason to feel optimistic about your earning ability this year. A spirit of generosity and general optimism will abound and it is a beneficial time to pursue new avenues of making an income. There are big opportunities available to you and having a positive outlook will help you to make the most of them. You can magnetize a lot of blessings into your life now, as well as be the grateful recipient of generous gifts.

Your own gifts, your special talents, skills and abilities are also due for an increase, and you could very well learn a lot and grow your own personal value during this time. Benefits and opportunities associated with foreign investments or individuals, learning/teaching, as well as publishing are all possible. One word of caution is to be careful of the tendency to overdo it. Jupiter can inflate (sometimes over inflate) expectations and while on the one hand you are in a benefic window currently, your good fortune is not as unlimited as you may feel it to be in this moment. Saving or investing a bit of that extra cash for a rainy day (even though the sky looks clear now) might help you seed this momentary increase into future growth. Indeed, this is a good time to make investments as good fortune and luck is on your side.

A Relationships Forecast for Aries

From September 2016 to October 2017, Aries can look to their relationships, both business and intimate, to provide a fortunate boost. Opportunities to expand and good luck will come from partners. If you are a single Aries, you may meet someone who makes you feel optimistic about the future, as if anything is possible. Pay special attention to anyone you meet from a foreign culture. You could also receive good counsel and solid advice from a wise person. In general, it is a good time to hire the services of a lawyer or solicit a professional opinion from an expert, they will be trustworthy and just in their dealings with you.

If you are in a relationship, you will be well taken care of now and seek to be generous with your partner. Relationships are mutually beneficial and can create a feeling of abundance and general well being. You may enjoy exploring new horizons together, either by taking a trip somewhere abroad or studying mind-expanding philosophies. You partner may have a lot of wisdom to share with you, and if you are open to it, you may very well learn a lot from your significant other at this time. This is a fortunate and favorable time for important one on one relationships, enjoy it!

A Relationships Forecast for Gemini

You may have noticed that partnerships and one on one relationships have taken on a more serious tone since Saturn entered your 7th house. This will be the case until Saturn leaves the sign of Sagittarius at the end of the year 2017. More responsibility and discipline will be required of you in relationship and you will also expect the same level of commitment and diligence from any other in your life. It is also a time when you will be attracted to or engaged with more serious people, perhaps older and established individuals whom you respect. It's also possible you may find yourself in partnership with a negative or cynical person, who is fault finding and critical, with high (possibly impossibly high) standards.

It is not the most light hearted or carefree time for relationship (business or personal), but it is a time when hard work and commitment will be required if relationships are to be maintained. Some relationships may feel like a burden or that they are demanding more of you than usual. Or perhaps your expectations for your partner have recently increased and gotten more serious. Be careful about getting into disputes or disagreements with competitors or partners, and do not try to pull any shady moves – you will likely be sorry if you do. If you have to deal with an opponent now they will be formative and could present you some obstacles or difficulties and challenges that you may or may not be up to – that will depend on how serious and prepared you are. You cannot bluff Saturn, nor can you escape the Lord of Karma's judgment when it comes your way, you can however learn a lot from others at this time if you are capable of developing a respect for authority, your own and others who deserve it, and submit yourself to discipline, structure, and playing by the rules.

Rachael's Story

Rachael's web project:

I began my study of astrology on January 3, 2007. At the time transiting Pluto in Sagittarius was conjunct my natal Neptune in the fourth house and was in opposition to my natal Mars/Mercury conjunction in Gemini. Like Pluto transits are known for, there was a period of considerable turmoil that was ushered in, my life as I knew it was falling apart and forces beyond my control were overhauling the foundation of my security in irrevocable ways.

The task before me at the time was just to survive. Pluto rules the life/death/rebirth matrix and those processes, even when swiftly functioning, take a bit of time to play out. It was one of the darkest periods of my personal life, but there was even then, a silver lining that I could see and was in retrospect, also correlated to the hard transit of Pluto. I received the gift of astrological fluency.

I had always been interested in astrology; my mother is a life long student and would always read out the forecast from The Mountain Astrologer or warn me when the moon was void-of-course. I was curious and interested to hear about it, but I had no real ability to understand what she was saying most of the time. I could never remember or retain much of anything she told me, and didn't even know what house my Sun was in.

Then, the morning of January 3, 2007, I went into my home office and got on the computer and started reading on That day, something was different. The language of astrology suddenly became available to me. It was as if a fluency switch had been hit, and now everything I read I not only understood more than ever, but I remembered it. I read on that day for 6 hours or more, and every day after that for the next year I spent 6-8 hours a day reading and studying all the decent astrology material I could find. It was the most intense learning period I have ever experienced.

I remember those very early days of studying vividly. I remember looking at a chart and being totally puzzled as to what all the symbols and numbers even were. My will to know and determination to learn everything I could was obsessive and unrelenting, but also welcome. It was a thrill when I realized that one day, perhaps soon, I would know what all those symbols and numbers meant, even the ones in fine print, it was only a matter of time.

I had been studying for 6 months in isolation when I was finally able to connect with my local astrology group (SFAA) and go to a meeting (Rob Hand was the speaker) where I would meet my first astrology teacher, Jeffery Brock. Those early classes I took with Jeffery Brock helped me to gain a rock solid foundation of the basic language of astrology. It was a gift that has kept on giving.

The last decade I have studied and considered astrology daily. I used it first in my personal life, to help me survive a time of crisis and personal breakdown. It was more than a lifesaver. I use it daily as a practical tool in my work as an organic farmer, both for garden planning and planting and when organizing or scheduling any number of things. I use it in many ways that I can't even verbalize, because astrology is a language it has a way of penetrating and pervasively influencing all your thoughts and communications, from the most profound to the most mundane.

Astrology has influenced and deepened my understanding of myself and others, of relationships, and cycles of time. It has given me a view of the world and life on Earth that is both personal and universal, more than anything, astrology has filled me with awe for the Creator's universe. I have shared astrology with more people than have even wanted me to (especially in overzealous early days) and now, I am able to use this amazing gift to help other people when they seek out my counsel or services in a way that is meaningful and powerful.

It is an honor and a gift to be able to understand astrology. It's not hard or impossible for anyone interested in learning to acquire the basics of the language. The interest is the guiding factor that will determine the ease and success of the acquisition. If you are at all interested in astrology, I highly recommend taking a basic class, your ability to read your own chart will skyrocket and you will get more out of the investment than a reading with even the best astrologer.

Astrology is a subject that you could study your entire life and never exhaust, thinking about this makes me simultaneously excited (for all that awaits me for as long as I can live) and comforted (knowing there is no pressure to know it all or threat of exhausting the subject). If you are interested in astrology and would like to learn this language, the good news is that there are more resources available than ever to learn astrology. Over the years I have taken classes and workshops from dozens of astrologers, and have had the honor of learning from some of the greatest living astrological minds.

Lately, I have been a student of Alexander's and he has given me another wonderful astrological tool with his instruction of how to conceptualize and write astrological forecasts. This is something I have been enjoying very much, as well as participating in the online class that was beautifully designed and executed by Alex, the creator of AstroSchool and my favorite and personally most visited astrology website, Lunarium! Alexander is a wonderful teacher and his ability to present the basics of astrology in a simple and accessible way is invaluable. I predict that many more people will be gifted with the language of astrology because of Alex's classes and contributions to the astrological community, for this we can all be grateful.