Mercury Calculator

Mercury in astrology is responsible for intellect, communication, ability to handle information. It can help to understand a person's preferred learning style: for example, one person prefers facts and numbers while the other one will better understand images and emotions.

There is a number of astrological factors that influence the way Mercury works for a particular person. First, it is important to consider the sign of the zodiac in which Mercury was situated at birth. Then we should take into account whether Mercury is direct or retrograde, or maybe it is stationary. A stationary Mercury can give especially strong intellectual abilities — Steve Jobs is a good example. As for retrograde Mercury, I have an article about retrograde planets. Mercury can be fast, in which case the person thinks quickly but superficially, or slow, and therefore prone to taking time but thinking deeper.

Mercury can also change direction later in life, in secondary progression — i.e. it can become retrograde if it was direct, or become direct if it was retrograde.

In declination, Mercury can be out-of-bounds, and there is an article about OOB planets. It can also be on the celestial equator, or close to it, which makes the attributes of Mercury very important and prominent in a person's life.

In addition, Mercury can be either Prometheus or Epimetheus. I am yet to write a detailed article about this but basically Prometheus is proactive and curious, it goes ahead in search of a new knowledge and experience, while Epimetheus is systematising, comparing and evaluating the information obtained by Prometheuses.

Mercury's distance from the Sun can also be an important factor. If it is very close, it can become combust, and so combust, it might be not an efficient self-sufficient tool anymore, it will be only a part of the person's ego and creativity (which might be not that bad after all). But if it is very-very close, it can be "in the heart of the Sun", giving the person stellar intellectual abilities.

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