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Moon in Taurus: A Surprise Moment

You will often read in astrological books that Moon-in-Taurus people are very practical, pragmatic and down-to-earth, that they are generally sceptical and will be the last to believe in astrology or other subjects that don’t fit into the procrustean bed of materialistic worldview.

It might come as a surprise then that some of the world’s most prominent mystics were born with the Moon in Taurus:

Another interesting example which fits here well is Baruch Spinoza, a Dutch writer and philosopher, historically one the world’s great minds. “Deeply religious, his pantheistic views upset both Christians and the Jews of his day; in many ways he was a mystic”.

It is also interesting to note that Carl Gustav Jung, who was very interested in different aspects of esotericism, also had a psychic mother (and you remember that the Moon is strongly associated with the mother, don’t you?), who had a major influence on him.

My understanding here is that the exaltation of the Moon in Taurus greatly amplifies all the attributes of the Moon, and since the Moon is strongly linked to the human unconsciousness, the link between intellect and the subconscious mind is very strong in Moon-in-Taurus people. Their intuition is powerful, and although unconsciously, they are strongly aware of the existence and reality of the invisible part of the world.

Moon in Cancer: Recovering From a Stress

For every Moon-in-Cancer individual it is very important to have their private space, their own home which belongs only to them and to nobody else. One of my Moon-in-Cancer friends lived with his family in a tiny flat where everybody had to share the same room for the whole day. So he moved around the furniture to create some empty space behind a wardrobe, and that was his own private home where he used to hide when not feeling well or being tired or stressed.

It is very important for Moon-in-Cancer individuals to have such a private space. This is where they can heal themselves after even the most disturbing influences. Their body and soul are usually strong enough to self-heal, they just need a safe haven where the self-healing could take place. They are actually quite good at creating a space that feels like home — even in an office — if the surroundings are friendly enough for them.

As Cancer is a Water sign, people born with the Moon in Cancer can rely on water for carrying away their troubles. A bath or a shower can be very helpful for recovering from minor stresses while in case of a major stress a spa treatment at a seaside resort can bring the desired relief.

Moon in Leo

Leo is a fixed Fire sign ruled by the Sun. Fire can be associated with energy, creativity, ideas, and in case of Leo this is a very stable and reliable Fire, akin to the eternal fire of the Sun itself.

When a person is born with the Moon in the sign of Leo, everything which is associated with the Moon — emotions, subconsciousness, physiology, family relationships and so on — becomes filled with the powerful energy of the Sun, and this might be not a very easy combination. In Nature, the Moon only reflects the light of the Sun — more or less of it, depending on the phase. But when the Moon is in Leo, she becomes herself a little bit like the Sun. Think about it: the symbol of the feminine, the Moon, becomes like the symbol of the masculine, the Sun.

This might be good for men, as the Moon in Leo can make them brighter, more creative and powerful. It might be also great for many women — especially those who want to prove themselves in life, to achieve a top position in society, to shine in their profession, to become a celebrity.

However, a girl born with the Moon in Leo is a queen, and a queen might find it difficult to enjoy occupations which are traditionally considered as feminine: caring for children, doing the household chores, cleaning, washing… And if there is more than one queen in a family or a team, that can become a real problem!

Moon-in-Leo people are creative. Their mind is full of bright images and sparkling ideas. They are generous, affectionate, but they also have a very important need - to be loved! If they are not loved and appreciated, they feel miserable, can be prone to depression and might even develop physical problems.

Moon in Scorpio: Recovering From a Stress

Stresses are abundant in a typical Moon-in-Scorpio person’s life, just because they tend to involve themselves in all sorts of extreme situations and activities. So how do they recover from those stresses then?

Hot water is a great remedy for everyone who was born with the Moon in Scorpio. They adore hot water, so hot that most other people would be probably scalded by it. A nice steaming shower or bath would restore such a person’s energy very quickly.

I used to ask everyone whom I know with the Moon in Scorpio whether they like hot water, and nobody ever gave me a negative answer, while the most frequent of the answers was: oh yes!

A good sex can also be very helpful for those born with the Moon in Scorpio, it will nicely help to settle down their powerful energy after it was stirred up by a stressful experience.

In fact, anything which is strong and concentrated can be helpful, be it a drink or a dish. I still remember my surprise when many years ago, speaking about astrology with a young and delicate 17 years old girl, who, I knew, had Scorpio for her Moon Sign, I asked what’s her preferred way of recovering from a stress. The answer was: well, a nice shot of brandy is always helpful!

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