The DIY Astrology Books Series


The aim of this series is to give those who are interested in popular astrology an opportunity to try something more insightful and powerful: the methods and ideas of the proper astrology that were used by the famous astrologers of the past, and that are still used by contemporary professional astrologers.

Methods presented in this series were specially selected and simplified to such a degree that they can be used by everyone without much effort and without any special software. However, they are still powerful enough to lead the reader to an important discovery, and understanding which is far beyond of what can be achieved in popular astrology.

Discover the Main Phases of Your Life

The first book of the series demonstrates how to use the secondary progression (aka 'day-for-a-year' method), a prediction method employed by most professional astrologers, in such a way that it can become useful for anyone. All you will need is a calendar for the month of a person's birth that shows the dates of the phases of the Moon. In fact, you don't even need to spend time looking for that calendar as the dates of all the lunar phases for the years 1900 - 2050 are listed in the end of the book.

The method described in the book will allow you to predict major turning points in a person's life, including the general character of problems and difficulties that the person will meet when passing through those turning points.









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