Micro-Lesson #3: the Elements

There are four elements in Western astrology: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. In this lesson I will give you the very basics of this topic: just a few facts, and a few keywords, to get you started. To be honest with you, the main aim today is to make you even more comfortable with the zodiac, to help you see its inner structure, and some of its important patterns. The elements will be simply helpful for this, and it's a good opportunity to introduce them to you.

Lunarium also offers an interactive feature called What Are You Made Of, Astrologically? that uses the elements to come to some general conclusions about a particular person. This feature shows you how the knowledge of the elements can be used in practice. But in this lesson, we'll keep everything very simple.

The element of Fire is represented by three signs of the zodiac: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. The typical keywords for Fire are: energy, warmth, enthusiasm, and ideas. Fire is the engine of the world. One of its representations is the fire of the burning fuel in the engine of your car -- it makes the movement possible.

The element of Earth is represented by Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. The keywords are practicality, interest in the material side of life, and thrift. Earth is the flesh of the world. It's the body of your car, the materials it is made of.

The Air signs are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius (yes, Aquarius is an Air sign!). Their common attributes are communication, information, and connectedness. Air is like the blood system of the world, it allows things to circulate and move around. In the car, everything that moves is related to Air, as well as electric signals and the work of the computer, if there is one.

Water signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Their common attributes are emotionality, mysteriousness, synthesis, and a strong interest in the hidden side of life. I could say that Water is the soul of the world, it's what gives everything depth, and sense. It isn't easy to notice the element of Water in the car, except perhaps as a factor of integration: so many different systems work together flawlessly. In human beings, Water is associated with the emotional life, the subconscious, and the soul itself -- all things that are usually invisible. You can't see much under the calm surface of a lake but you can be sure that there is plenty of life in the depth.

For your homework, I want you to have a general idea about the four elements. No need to memorise the keywords, there can be many of them, just to have an understanding of what the elements are about.

However, you'll need to remember which signs of the zodiac belong to which element. Also, given a sign of the zodiac, you should be able to say without thinking to which element it belongs. Scorpio? Aquarius? Libra? This should be automatic.

And a little bit of practice: please print out the zodiacal circle (you can find something suitable on this page. Take color pencils or pens and join together the signs belonging to the same element. You can also paint the signs themselves into the color of their element. I suggest the following colors: red for Fire, green for Earth, yellow (or orange) for Air, blue for Water. These are the colors used in the Month View of the iPhone version of my iLuna app.

Now, this is important: note that the signs of the same element make a nice equilateral triangle in the zodiac. Try to keep this picture, these triangles, in your memory. It will help you in the future to navigate the zodiac effortlessly.

You will find some more information in my online lesson The Signs of the Zodiac and the Elements, but if you'll meet there something you don't understand, just skip it for now.

In addition, I have a section on the signs of the zodiac, also discussing the elements and the qualities (the topic of the next micro-lesson) in my video course "Discover Your Moon Sign and Find Your Soul Mate".

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