Micro-Lesson #1: the Astrological Symbols

A survey which I offered to the subscribers of my newsletter, and to which they responded so eagerly, helped me to realise that many of my readers know astrology quite well, but at the same time there are also many beginners. I decided to start this series of very short, easy to grasp lessons of astrology to help those who would like to learn the basics. Later, I discovered that even some of those who already know astrology well welcomed the lessons, as they were keen to review the basics.

The content of the lessons is going to be universal, equally useful for those interested in Magi Astrology or in any other kind of astrology. Some people responded to the survey saying that they want to read in Lunarium Newsletter daily predictions for the signs of the zodiac. I will not write such predictions myself (I did that for too many years in the past), but I will teach you how to write such predictions yourself. You'll be actually able to write "horoscopes" for your local newspaper and earn money. And you will do it properly, using the rules of astrology, so that your predictions will really work. These micro-lessons are going to be the very first steps on the path of learning astrology.

One thing is very important: you should actually do what I ask you to do: memorise small amounts of information, learn the symbols and so on. Each lesson will assume that you've done your homework with all the previous ones. But don't feel overwhelmed, I will make sure that the tasks are really doable.

Here is the lesson for today: learn the symbols of the planets and of the signs of the zodiac. That's the language of astrology, you need to know it well. You can simply google this information, or here is the page with information I've put together myself.

For some planets (Uranus, Pluto) there are more than one symbol, please memorise both. Same is true for Capricorn. Try to draw these symbols a number of times, until you are confident that you remember them.

Please note that the Sun and the Moon are called 'planets' in astrology, just for convenience.

If you don't know what are the North and the South Nodes, just memorise the symbols for now.

This is enough for the first lesson. Once you are confident that you know the symbols, proceed to the next one.

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