The Mansions of the Moon

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The Lunar Zodiac

Everyone knows the zodiac that consists of the twelve signs, from Aries to Pisces. That zodiac is strongly associated with the Sun. The Sun completes its journey around the sky in twelve months, and so there are twelve signs, each of them covering 30°, or 1/12 part of the ecliptic.

There also exists another zodiac, the lunar one. Traditionally, it was considered to be more important than the solar zodiac as the Moon is much closer to the Earth than the Sun, and so is much stronger connected to the events that take place on the Earth.

The Moon completes the full circle against the stars in about 27.322 days (so called sidereal lunar month), and in every school of traditional astrology, be it Indian, Chinese, Arabic or European, exists (or existed) a division of the sky in a number of sections corresponding to the Moon's one day journey. Some systems (like the contemporary Hindu astrology) use 27 divisions, others prefer 28. (In fact, in Hindu astrology — Jyotish — there is an alternative scheme with 28 divisions.)

We are going to concentrate on the Western astrological tradition which was strongly influenced by Arabic astrology and so uses the system of 28 divisions called Lunar Mansions (or the Mansions of the Moon, if you prefer).

Dividing 360 degrees of the Moon's path around the sky into 28 sections, we get 12.857 degrees, or 12 degrees, 51 minutes, and 26 seconds of arc, for the size of each Lunar Mansion. Since the solar zodiac is so well established, the position of the mansions in the sky is customarily expressed in signs and degrees of the solar zodiac. For example, the third of the mansions, Al-Thurayya, extends, approximately, from 25° 43' of Aries to 8° 34' of Taurus.

You will notice that lunar mansions have arabic names, and different sources offer different variations of these names. I am going to use the names from the translation of Picatrix by John Michael Greer and Christopher Warnock (see below for the details of the sources of information), but for practical purposes it might be easier to simply refer to the mansions by number.

How to Know When the Moon is in a Particular Mansion?

The easiest way is to use the Universal Lunar Calendar at Lunarium. It shows the beginning of each mansion, i.e. the moment when the Moon enters it, next to a little square with the number of the mansion. Here is an example:

An example of how the Mansions of the Moon are displayed in the Universal Lunar Calendar

You can see that on the 6th day of the month, displayed in the calendar, the 25th lunar mansion, shown as a rounded square with the number 25 in it, starts at 7:38.

Lunar mansions are also available in the iPhone version of my iLuna mobile app. The Android version is planned to be updated a bit later.

How Can the Mansions of the Moon Be Used?

Different mansions are appropriate for different purposes. Traditionally, they were frequently used for talismanic magic, and one of the most ancient sources of information available to us, Picatrix, concentrates exactly on this use of the Mansions.

The Mansions of the Moon were also used for selecting the most appropriate day for various activities, which is demonstrated by the Ashmole 396 medieval manuscript.

As quotations from The Mansions of the Moon book by Christopher Warnock will demonstrate, the Mansions can also be used when answering horary questions.

Finally, there is no reason why we shouldn't use the Mansions of the Moon in natal astrology, and both Warnock and Volguine support this idea. The traditional approach would be to consider the Mansion in which the person's natal Moon is, and then make conclusions regarding the character and the destiny of the person. However, Volguine argues that it might make sense to also consider the position of other important planets in the Mansions, and I do find that the Mansion of the natal Sun can be very descriptive.

The Sources of Information About the Mansions of the Moon

The earliest sources of information about the Mansions of the Moon are The Book of Instruction in the Elements of the Art of Astrology by Al-Biruni and Picatrix.

The book by Al-Biruni, written around 1000 CE, was defined by its translator R. Ramsay Wright as a primer of 11th century science. Among many other things, it lists the 28 Mansions of the Moon and explains which stars belong to each of them. However, Al-Biruni doesn’t offer any interpretations for the Mansions.

Picatrix, according to its translator Christopher Warnock, is an encyclopaedic Arabic compilation made of many earlier magical and astrological texts. It was originally composed around the same time as Al-Biruni’s book (while translated into Latin in 1256 CE), and many other sources of information on the Mansions of the Moon make use of Picatrix in one or another way.

Working on this compilation, I used more contemporary sources of information listed below.

  1. Christopher Warnock, The Mansions of the Moon. A Lunar Zodiac for Astrology & Magic, Renaissance Astrology, 2010. This is probably the most recent of the systematic works of the Mansions of the Moon. It brings together many sources and ideas, and it also contains images for the Mansions created by Nigel Jackson on the basis of descriptions given in Picatrix. Christopher Warnock also offers a substantial section of his website devoted to the Mansions of the Moon.
  2. Alexandre Volguine, Lunar Astrology, ASI Publishers Inc., 1974. This book is predominantly about the Mansions of the Moon, but it also offers a few other ideas related to the Moon. Volguine brings together Chinese, Hebrew, Indian and Arabic sources to provide a comprehensive, although sometimes contradictory, descriptions of the Mansions.
  3. Henry Cornelius Agrippa of Nettesheim, Three Books of Occult Philosophy, Llewellyn Publications, 2013. This fundamental astrological and magical work was written in the 16th century. Two sections are devoted in this book to the Mansions of the Moon. The first section gives their descriptions, the second explains how they are used in magic.
  4. Ashmole 396 Manuscript is a medieval manuscript from the collection of Elias Ashmole, a celebrated English antiquary, politician and astrologer who lived in the 17th century. I used the version of the text of this manuscript offered in the Appendix E of The Mansions of the Moon book by Christopher Warnock.

Below you will find my compilations for each Mansion. When working on them, I attempted to bring forward those topics that are mentioned in more than one source and to create concise descriptions for the Mansions that could be used in the Universal Lunar Calendar and the iLuna mobile app. I left aside most of the magical instructions as they do not match the purposes of this particular compilation.

I also list some quotations from the sources listed above — those that I believe are the most important or interesting. If you want to have more information, you can always refer to the sources.

Lunar Mansion 1, Al-Sharatain (The Two Signs)

0° Aries – 12° 51' 26'' Aries

Good For

Traveling, healing. Beginnings. Doing business. Gardening. Taking care of hair and nails.

Not Good For

Love and friendship. Hiring employees.


Movement, change, beginning. Burst of energy. Use of force.


Warnock: It provides the impetus to move forward, to overcome inertia and change the status quo. The mansion is auspicious for journeys and for taking medicine, as here the Moon transmits the force and power vital to breaking the hold of illness over the body.

Warnock: Mansion's intense concentration of force can also be dangerous — overly intense and fiery. Thus the mansion is inauspicious for love and friendship. Too much force, too much forward momentum tends to undermine close personal relationships.

Warnock: Is associated with beginnings. It can indicate an imminent journey or trip, or the initiation of a new cycle in the life of the querent. It may indicate that it is time to begin the treatment of an illness, or it can serve as a warning that it is time to take the "medicine" of breaking out of a stagnant situation. It reminds us of the double-edged nature of beginnings, which are also endings and sometimes destructive.

Warnock: Might indicate the existence of anger and hostility, either within us, or manifested against us. As useful as this burst of energy can be, we must be careful in how we direct that force.

Warnock: Can indicate our luck of energy and force and the need to invoke the assistance of this mansion, or it can be a warning that we are losing control by being too forceful and aggressive, particularly in personal dealings.

Warnock: The wise men of India began journeys and began making medicines when the Moon was in this mansion.

Volguine: A great need for movement.

Volguine: Forces in conflict, whirlwinds, which are expressed in day-to-day life as quarrels. Very favourable influence on business.

Volguine: The mark of a career filled with many salient events, and in no way a flat level existence.

Agrippa: Causes discords, and journeys.

Ashmole 396: When the Moon is in this Mansion, it is good to take medicine, put beasts to pasture, and to begin a journey, but not in the second hour of the day. But wed not while the Moon is in this Mansion, nor in the sign of the Ram. Buy no servant, for he shall be a shrew, disobedient or fugitive. Buy tame beasts. Ride and make your journey by water, if you will, for you shall have good passage. Take no acquaintance of new fellowship, for it shall not last. He that is taken shall be imprisoned long. Make your armour, plant your trees. Cut your hair and your nails. Make your clothes and wear them. But see in all these things that the Moon be free from unfortunate aspects of the wicked planets.

Lunar Mansion 2, Al-Butain (The Belly)

12° 51' 26'' Aries – 25° 42' 51'' Aries

Good For

Trade and finding treasures. Seeking favor from those in a position of authority. Sowing seeds. Traveling by land. Using fire, hunting.

Not Good For

Love and friendship. Traveling by water. Being passive. Planting trees.


Effort, courage, will and energy. Conflict.


Warnock: May indicate hostility in conflict, but there is also hope for reconciliation. We must heed the volatile nature of the situation, and approach with tactful deference the person or people concerned. We are not in a position to issue commands or to act imperiously. Yet passivity, too, is ill advised. Rather, we must humble ourselves and actively seek to resolve the situation. Provided we proceed thus, the appearance of Al-Butain foretells a positive resolution to conflict.

Warnock: Can also indicate that this is a good time to seek a favour, particularly from one in a position of authority. For example, the time may be ripe for asking an employer for a raise, or seeking a favourable ruling from a judge.

Volguine: To work spells of enmity and to make pentacles for the discovery of springs and treasures.

Volguine: It gives courage, but also recklessness and indicates the will and energy to direct one's own life by ambition or by thought and not by feelings. Gives only inconstant and variable wealth.

Volguine: Promises the achievement of wisdom after much effort and frequently varied tasks, moments of recklessness caused by lack of reflection and of life experience.

Volguine: Unfavorable for sea journeys. Sea voyages of people having the Moon in this part of the heavens are always tied to painful events such as death, exile, or bad business dealings; or when it is a case of cruises or travel for pleasure, they take place under unfavourable conditions, for example, a tempest during the crossing.

Volguine: Favorable influence on trade and the discovery of treasures.

Volguine: The Snare, creates the danger of rash actions which like the net or the trap paralyse the freedom of the subject.

Agrippa: Conduces to the finding of treasures, and to the retaining of captives.

Ashmole 396: When the Moon is in this Mansion, sow your seeds, begin your journey, but it is perilous to travel by water. Do not wed. Buy tame beasts. Take no new fellowship, especially of those that have been mightier than you. If you be taken prisoner, you are likely to be long imprisoned. This Mansion is good for all things that are made with fire and for hunting. Buy no cows nor sheep. Plant no trees. Wear no new clothes.

Lunar Mansion 3, Al-Thurayya (The Swarm)

25° 42' 51'' Aries – 8° 34' 17'' Taurus

Good For

Art and creativity. Love. Using fire, hunting. Work and study. Business and commerce. Alchemy.

Not Good For

Marriage, travel by water, friendship, gardening.


Abundance, prosperity, success, determination. Great capacity for work.


Warnock: Augurs abundance. It is a positive indication in questions of wealth, prosperity and career. It also may indicate full flowering of art, beauty and creativity.

Warnock: Also carries warning. There can be too much of a good thing. We must be careful not to overindulge our appetites, be it literally in eating and drinking or metaphorically, in our desire for the good things of the material world.

Warnock: Make images to sail safely on the sea and to return safely, and to firmly incarcerate captives, and to complete the works of alchemy, and all works done by fire, and to hunt in the country, and to cause love between man and wife.

Warnock: Is for acquisition of good things.

Volguine: Its influence seems to accentuate the power of feelings and determination, and to confer a great capacity for work.

Volguine: Favourable for the sciences and for all who live outdoors, but unfavourable for marriage or travel by water. It increases the practical instinct and seems to be especially related to sciences demanding the use of this ability, for example economics, accounting, etc.

Volguine: Independence of thought which may provoke some debates and even quarrels with significant results during the life of the native.

Volguine: Fate, good or evil, is always powerful with persons having the Moon in this Mansion. In spite of their abilities and their capacity for work, free will seems to play a small part in their life.

Volguine: Powerful emotions, determination, and great capacity for work.

Agrippa: It is profitable to sailors, huntsmen, and alchemists.

Ashmole 396: When the Moon is in this Mansion, engage in commerce. Avenge your enemies. For to make a journey, she holds her in a mean. Make no marriage. Buy tame beasts. If you travel by water, you shall have dread and peril. Take no fellowship, especially of your superiors. If you be arrested, you shall long abide in prison and lose your goods. Work with fire. Hunt, buy no cows nor sheep, plant no trees, sow no seeds. Wear no new clothes.

Lunar Mansion 4, Al-Dabaran (The Eye of God)

8° 34' 17'' Taurus – 21° 25' 43'' Taurus

Good For

Work, craftsmanship, trade. Defeating enemies, removing obstacles.

Not Good For

Marriage, friendship. Real estate, building. Wells and mines. Traveling by sea.


Enmity, struggle, conflict, argument, anger. Violent passion.


Warnock: Indicates argument and anger. Its appearance often signifies chaos, enmity, struggle and conflict. It can be an indication of strength, too. But the situation requires restraint, lest we succumb to violence, either physical or emotional. This mansion can signify a contest of wills or a lawsuit. It indicates countervailing forces, and often signifies obstacles in reaching our goals. It also reminds us, however, that without risk there is no gain. To achieve our goals, it is sometimes necessary to put forth furious effort. The treasure cannot be seized by the slow, the fearful or the lazy. Al-Dabaran may exhort us to seize the day, to apply our greatest effort in order to reap rewards.

Volguine: Signifies a great deal of diplomacy and predicts violent feelings and irresistible passion under the appearance of good nature, especially if the native is sensual.

Volguine: A favourable sign for work, manufacture and small trade; but unfavourable for real estate, building, and everything having to do with mines. It is also the sign of marriage, but at the same time of discord in the conjugal or natal home.

Volguine: Obstacles in life must be surmounted by the energy of the native.

Volguine: Creates the danger of some hardships at the beginning of life and exposes the native to being himself the direct cause of quarrels or regrettable vexations.

Agrippa: It causes the destruction and hindrances of buildings, fountains, wells, of gold mines, the flight of creeping things, and begets discord.

Ashmole 396: When the Moon is in this Mansion, sow your seeds, wear new clothes. Wed not. Buy prisoners. Begin to build, for it shall be durable. Buy tame beasts. Enter into no ship for to travel the sea, for you shall have tempests of waves. Take no new fellowship. If you be taken, you shall have long captivity. Build, dig conduits. Buy servants and beasts. Go before what lord you have business with. Beware of weddings.

Lunar Mansion 5, Al-Haqa (A White Spot)

21° 25' 43'' Taurus – 4° 17' 09'' Gemini

Good For

Studies and other intellectual activities. Artistic activities. Seeking a favour from a superior. Traveling, especially by water. Return from a journey. Washing and cutting hair.

Not Good For

Social activities, collective work.


Essentially benefic. Focus on mind and intellect.


Warnock: This is a Mansion of thought and mind. It signifies the energy of the Mind of the Universe, particularly as manifest in the intellect of each person. It indicates the successful solution of an intellectual problem or the necessity of applying intelligence to a current dilemma.

Warnock: Signifies success in seeking a favour, such as a raise or a job, from a superior.

Warnock: It calls upon us to apply our intelligence in a noble and honourable fashion, and not to resort to low cunning or trickery.

Warnock: Make images for youths to learn arts and occupations, and for the salvation of travelers, and to quickly return and for sailors to travel safely, and to improve buildings.

Warnock: Is for receiving good from kings and high officials.

Volguine: Favourable to the development of talents and aptitudes, since it signifies a well endowed and artistic nature.

Volguine: For working spells for and against friendship and to prepare pentacles for travel, since its influence is clearly favourable for travel and change of residence.

Volguine: Favorable to studies and the second half of journeys. Unfavorable influence on associations, collective enterprises, and on charitable and humanitarian works, being more propitious for private life than for social activity.

Volguine: Favors slow and laborious accumulation of wealth and exerts a favorable influence on poets.

Agrippa: It helps to the return from a journey, to the instruction of scholars, it confirms edifices, it gives health and good will.

Ashmole 396: When the Moon is in this Mansion, make matrimony, put children to learn law or scripture, or for to write or for to make medicines, or for to make a journey. Buy servants. Build. Travel by water. Take no evil fellowship. If you be taken prisoner, you shall pay and will escape. Wash your head, shear your hair.

Lunar Mansion 6, Al-Hana (The Scar)

4° 17' 09'' Gemini – 17° 8' 34'' Gemini

Good For

Love and friendship, relationships. Business. Making alliances.

Not Good For

Gardening. Healing.


Attraction, but also opposition.


Warnock: Signifies love, friendship and affection. It can indicate the imminence of a new friendship or love, or the intensification of current relationships.

Warnock: Al-Hana is a very positive Mansion, but nevertheless, not every activity can be auspiciously undertaken when the Moon resides here. The dual images of the Mansion indicate a fundamental polarity. This is the source of its attractive power, the energy of love that it usually signifies. But this power is not to be trifled with nor underestimated. The basic duality of Love harbors the potential to flip from attraction to repulsion. This is a mansion of power and flow, and not conductive to the slow growth of crops or the stability necessary for the long endurance of a building or city.

Volguine: The sign of a providential protection throughout life.

Volguine: For working spells destined to give victory in war, reflects the idea of a providence.

Volguine: Believed to exert an unfavourable influence on farm work. Favours working of spells to curse crops. Signifies some financial losses in the course of life and slows convalescences.

Volguine: Very favourable for business. Seems to have a connection with social and political life. One of the indicators of a short life.

Agrippa: It conduces to hunting, and besieging of towns, and revenge of princes, it destroys harvests and fruits and hinders the operation of the physician.

Ashmole 396: When the Moon is in this Mansion, kings may begin to war and to lay sieges and pursue enemies and malefactors. Sown no seeds. Send no messenger. Borrow not. Take your voyage by water, for though you tarry, you shall well come to your way's end. Take fellowship boldly, for they shall be faithful to you. If you be taken prisoner, unless you are delivered within three days, you shall be long prisoner. Hunt if you will. Take no medicines nor spices nor cure no wounds. If you wear only new clothing, it shall soon tear.

Lunar Mansion 7, Al-Dhira (The Seed of the Branch)

17° 8' 34'' Gemini — 0° Cancer

Good For

Business and trade. Obtaining the favour of superiors. Love, friendship. Healing. Washing and cutting hair.

Not Good For

Law and justice.


Success, abundance, trust.


Warnock: This Mansion signifies success, particularly in business and trade. It is a Mansion of abundance and wealth, indicating that our prayers for good things will be answered, and foretelling success in endeavours.

Warnock: Al-Dhira advises that we pray only for positive results, resisting influences of envy or ill wishes towards anyone. If pleas are made to us, we best respond with open-hearted generosity. Humbling ourselves, we will receive beneficence. Confronted with humility, we should respond graciously.

Warnock: Make images to increase merchandise and profit and to travel safely, and to increase crops, and to sail beneficially on the water, and to cause friendship between friends and allies, and to expel flies so that they will not enter where you wish. It is good to go into the presence of the king or other high nobles, and to cause the king and other lords to be benevolent.

Volguine: The mansion of scholars; its influence is exercised especially on the mental and intuitive plane.

Volguine: Favourable for lovers, friendships, earnings, and for healing, but unfavourable for law and justice.

Volguine: Its influence is opposed to worldly life and inclines the native to a life more or less retired from the world. Very often it is the work and the occupation of the native that force him to lead such a retired life.

Volguine: Develops trust and promotes friendship.

Agrippa: It confers gain and friendship, it's profitable to lovers, it fears flies, destroys magisteries.

Ashmole 396: When the Moon is in this Mansion, sow all manner of seeds, low your land. Wear new clothes, apparel your wife. Ride such beasts as you will. Take no journey, but it be in the last end of the night. If you go by water, you shall well speed, but you shall tarry in your journey. Take the fellowship, for they shall be true. If you be taken and escape not within three days, you shall die in prison. Shear your hair and wash your head, wear new clothes. Buy servants and beasts. Smite your enemy, make peace with him. Buy no lands, meddle with no physic.

Lunar Mansion 8, Al-Nathrah (The Nursery)

0° Cancer – 12° 51' 26'' Cancer

Good For

Love and marriage. Family life, friendship. Achievement of a goal. Travel by land. Healing.

Not Good For

Hiring employees.


Love, power, victory.


Warnock: Signifies the height of power and the achievement of victory.

Warnock: This Mansion is positive for questions regarding love and marriage or for questions regarding the achievement of a goal. It can also signify a literal victory , as in a lawsuit, contest or sports event.

Warnock: We best temper impulses to indulge the emotions of conquest, to exalt our victory and run rampant with power. Let us be governed by our head, our reason, and be generous and magnanimous in victory, not raging beasts.

Warnock: It is good to make images for love and friendship, and for the safe travel of those who go by wagon through villages, and to cause friendship between allies… and to expel mice and bugs from whatever place you wish.

Volguine: Its influence is especially favourable as regards the family since it gives a profound attachment to the family and love of children (even those of a stranger).

Volguine: Makes the native somewhat credulous, but promises that love or friendship will begin in the course of travel.

Volguine: The sign of charity and of the need to dedicate and even sacrifice oneself for dear ones or for ideas.

Agrippa: It causes love, friendship, and society of fellow travelers, it drives away mice and afflicts captives, confirming their imprisonment.

Ashmole 396: When the Moon is in this Mansion, take medicine. Wear new clothes, apparel your wife. If it rain while the Moon is in this Mansion, it shall do good. Begin no journey. Weddings made at this time shall little while last in harmony. The servant that is bought shall accuse his lord. Enter into ship, for you shall safely travel and hastily return again. Taking of new fellowship.

Lunar Mansion 9, Al-Tarf (The Gaze)

12° 51' 26'' Cancer – 25° 42' 51'' Cancer

Good For

Defending yourself from attacks.

Not Good For

Health. Travel. Love and friendship. Gardening.


Disappointment, discord. Defence.


Warnock: This Mansion generally implies a negative answer to questions. It warns of approaching misfortune, particularly with regard to health and travel. The manifestation of this energy might be more inwardly directed, too, foretelling a time of depression or disappointment.

Warnock: Al-Tarf gives us heed to prepare. By cultivating acceptance, emotional stability, wisdom and faith that all things have purpose, burdens grow much lighter.

Warnock: Is good to defend yourself from being attacked by another man.

Volguine: Imparts a sort of romanticism that has a marked effect on actions.

Volguine: It marks one affable and benevolent, but acts in various ways depending on sex: in a masculine chart it favours marriage and increases the force of personality; in a feminine horoscope, it exercises a bad influence on marriage and makes the native easily discouraged, sullen and unhappy.

Volguine: Signifies prudence, tenacity, and stability. A journey should not be begun when the Moon is in this mansion because it exerts a bad influence on travel.

Volguine: Imparts a great need of faith (which does not seem to always mean religious faith), and desire for authority, but doesn't indicate a sense of responsibility.

Agrippa: It hinders harvests and travellers, and puts discord between men.

Ashmole 396: When the Moon is in this Mansion, sow no seeds. Take no journey. Borrow no thing, procure no man no harm. Enter into ship for you shall hastily go and return. Be in fellowship. Shear not your hair. Wear no new clothes lest you be drowned in them. Make strong your gates and locks. Remove your grain from one place to another. Put in order your beds and also your curtains.

Lunar Mansion 10, Al-Jabhah (The Forehead)

25° 42' 51'' Cancer – 8° 34' 17'' Leo

Good For

Love and friendship. Social activities. Studies. Health, spirituality. Building.

Not Good For

Traveling. Abuse of drugs and medications.


Recovery. Benevolence. Help against enemies.


Warnock: This Mansion signifies recovery from an illness or injury. It gives a positive indication in questions of love and friendship.

Warnock: Make images for love between man and wife ... and for the strengthening and completion of buildings, and for the love of allies and for their mutual help.

Warnock: for the cure of infirmities and to make easy childbirth.

Volguine: Indicates a mixture of kindness and calculation.

Volguine: Considered very favourable from all aspects, for studies as well as for earnings, for professional success as well as for love; but often makes the native very sensitive to the feelings of others and inclines him to abuse of drugs and medications.

Volguine: Considered a favourable factor in social elevation, particularly where due to the native's own efforts.

Volguine: Indicates a broad field of activity and is believed to exert a favourable influence from a spiritual aspect.

Agrippa: It strengthens buildings, yields love, benevolence and help against enemies.

Ashmole 396: When the Moon is in this Mansion, make weddings. Take no journey. Borrow not. Wear no new clothes, apparel not your wife. Build, for it shall be durable. Take fellowship, for it is good. Beware of seizing for long imprisonment.

Lunar Mansion 11, Al-Zubrah (The Mane of the Lion)

8° 34' 17'' Leo – 21° 25' 43'' Leo

Good For

Profit and gain. Marriage. Travel. Promotion, making a request to a person in authority. Gardening. Cutting hair. Building. Actions that require courage.

Not Good For

Health of women.


Power, gain and respect.


Warnock: This Mansion signifies power, gain and respect. It indicates a positive answer to questions concerning profit and gain, particularly when seeking a position of authority or making a request to a person in authority, such as a boss or client. We are well advised to emulate not only the strength, but also the nobility of the lion. This Mansion represents righteous assertion of authority, not mindless or petty aggression. Still, now is not the time to shrink from confrontation or hide in fear. Courage and boldness are called for and will carry the day.

Warnock: In this Mansion make images to rescue captives, to besiege cities and villages, the ordering of trade and profit from it, for travellers to journey safe and unharmed, to make building firm and stable, and to increase the wealth of allies. … Is for pride and receiving good.

Volguine: Gives persons under its influence idealism or very refined tastes, but indicates vacillating fortune.

Volguine: Favourable influence on trade, on wealth (which often comes as a result of the efforts of others, especially in charts of women), on marriage and travel, but it is considered an unfavourable influence for the health of women.

Volguine: Symbolises patient courage and susceptibility but cautions the native to choose his words carefully and beware outbursts of anger.

Volguine: Favourable to all premeditated action with a clearly determined goal, but unfavourable for risk.

Agrippa: It is good for voyages, and gain by merchandise, and for redemption of captives.

Ashmole 396: When the Moon is in this Mansion, let out no prisoner. Besiege cities. Sow and plant what thou wilt. For merchandise and journeys this Mansion is neutral. Lay foundations and build. Take fellowship and you shall win. Wear no new clothes. Shear your hair if you will.

Lunar Mansion 12, Al-Sarfah (The Changer of the Weather)

21° 25' 43'' Leo – 4° 17' 09'' Virgo

Good For

Gardening, agriculture, building. Sending messages. Service and work for others.

Not Good For

Marriage, personal relationships. Sea journeys.


Conflict and confrontation. Obstacles. Rich harvest.


Warnock: When the Moon passes into this Mansion, it signifies conflict and confrontation. It may indicate brewing argument or strife with others, or that we will be hindered in our path, confronted by significant obstacles.

Warnock: This Mansion gives heed that we are externalising the problems and even evils that exist within us and projecting them onto the people and things in the outer world.

Warnock: As this Mansion heralds conflict and confrontation, now is not the time for marriage or seeking to advance personal relationships. Rather, we are best advised to practice mindful self-restraint in our dealings with others, and to take time to explore and heal any internal source of malaise.

Warnock: Make images to increase the harvest and plants ... and for the improvement of allies, officials, captives and servants that they will be steadfast and honest.

Volguine: In certain lists of significations for the Lunar Zodiac it is associated with the invisible world on the one hand, and social (even socialist) ideas on the other.

Volguine: Favourable to agriculture, the sending of messages, and for those who work for others as employees or salaried personnel. Should be placed among the factors favouring elevation in life in the service of another.

Volguine: It is less favourable for women than for men; to the latter it gives wisdom and promises success in life as well as a happy and advantageous marriage; in feminine charts, it inclines the native to virginity or celibacy, or perhaps to diseases of the uterus and to emotional deceptions.

Agrippa: It gives prosperity to harvests, and plantations, but hinders seamen, but it is good for the bettering of servants, captives and companions.

Ashmole 396: When the Moon is in this Mansion, begin to build, set your land to farm, sow and plant. Wed and wear new clothes and apparel your wife. Take the journey in the first or in the third part of the day. And leave no thing, for you shall not recover it again but through great displeasure and labor. If you enter any ship, you shall have peril and labor to escape. Buy servants and beasts, but buy them after the Moon has passed from the Lion into the Maiden.

Lunar Mansion 13, Al-Awwa (The Barker)

4° 17' 09'' Virgo – 17° 08' 34'' Virgo

Good For

Love, especially sexual love. Trade and finances. Beginning of creative projects. Traveling. Gardening. Healing. Building. Cutting and washing hair.

Not Good For



Achievement of desire. Increase. Benevolence.


Warnock: Is auspicious for the increase of trade and personal money, for the increase of harvests, for the completion of buildings, and for the liberation of captives.

Warnock: This Mansion signifies love, and especially sexual love. But the influence and power of this Mansion extends well beyond love an sex. It is generally auspicious, and it also signifies the achievement of heartfelt desire and the beginning of creative projects.

Warnock: Make images for the increase of trade and profit, the increase of harvests, for travellers to have good journeys, for the completion of buildings, for the freedom of captives, and the binding of nobles to have good from them ... to place love between a man and a woman.

Volguine: Indicates cleverness in the handling of money or in other words increases financial skill.

Volguine: Considered a sign of discernment, benevolence, even of a certain methodical kindness which may, however, be hidden under a gruff exterior. It is considered a good influence on travel, but they state that the profit derived therefrom generally passes into other hands.

Volguine: Always provokes several unfavourable events in the course of the life of the native completely independent of his will, but influencing his life strikingly. Very often these events are of a collective nature — floods, wars, revolutions, etc. In the horoscopes of sensual persons, indicates that they are slaves of to their own desires. From the standpoint of health, the Moon in this mansion demands particular care with food and avoidance of all excessive eating.

Agrippa: It is prevalent for benevolence, gain, voyages, harvests, and freedom of captives.

Ashmole 396: When the Moon is in this Mansion, low your land, sow your seeds. Take your journey. Wed. Deliver prisoners. It is good to wed a woman that has been corrupt, evil to wed a maiden, for they shall last little as your spouse. Buy servants and they shall be true. If you enter into any ship, your return shall be long tarried. If you be taken prisoner, after your loss you shall have a good end. Take new medicines. Make new clothes. Build. Be merry. Go before every lord with whom you have dealings. Wash your head and cut your hair.

Lunar Mansion 14, Al-Simak (The Unarmed)

17° 08' 34'' Virgo – 0° Libra

Good For

Romantic love, friendship. Moving house, leaving a job or a relationship. Healing. Traveling by sea. Gardening.

Not Good For

Marriage. Traveling by land.


Movement, improvement, transition.


Warnock: This Mansion reminds us of the transitory nature of great passion. There is a fine line between love and aversion, such that this mansion may be auspicious for romantic love, but may also signify conflict. This mansion is generally a positive indication if we wish to end a relationship or leave a job. It is also auspicious for moving house.

Warnock: This mansion can signify arguments and disputes. We must be wary of the impulse to fight with those whose temperament is opposite to our own. Al-Simak might also indicate that we need to remove ourselves from an uncomfortable situation that goes against our nature.

Warnock: Make images for the love of man and wife, to heal the sick with physic and medicine ... for the benefit of kings that they have good and ascend to their reign, to sail well and safely, and for the friendship of allies.

Volguine: Increases prudence and the ability to analyse, and at the same time seems to promote divinatory studies and experiments (clairvoyance, tarot, etc.).

Volguine: Does not seem to favour journeys. Also exerts an unfavourable influence on the first years of marriage, but the causes of dissension seem to disappear later; or if the marriage was made without love, sincere and deep affection comes with age.

Volguine: Seems to favour responsibility, serious thought, and the rise to a responsible station nevertheless dependent on others.

Volguine: Believed to favour wisdom in old age; makes person born under its influence very respected and listened to in their last years.

Agrippa: It causes the love of married folk, it cures the sick, it's profitable to sailors, but it hinders journey by land.

Ashmole 396: When the Moon is in this Mansion, wed women but no maiden. Receive medicine. Sow and plant. Take no journey. Put no thing to keep. Buy servants, they shall be true. Enter ships. Take fellowship boldly. If you be seized, you shall soon escape.

Lunar Mansion 15, Al-Ghafr (The Lid)

0° Libra – 12° 51' 26'' Libra

Good For

Business, money, wealth. Treasure hunting.

Not Good For

Love and romantic relationships. Family matters. Traveling.


Prosperity. Discord. Focus on the material.


Warnock: When this mansion appears, it signifies that we should focus our attention on business and the earning of wealth. This Mansion is a positive indication for all questions concerning wealth and prosperity. It often announces the imminent arrival of a positive message or communication regarding money or business.

Warnock: Our attention is on the material, rather than on romantic love, which is inauspicious in this mansion.

Warnock: Make images for the digging of wells, to seek underground treasure... the acquisition of friendship and all good things that may be desired.

Volguine: It is considered unfavourable in every way by Arabs, especially for familial and other relationships; except for discovery of hostile schemes and for hunts for treasures. Its influence on conjugal happiness is clearly negative in feminine charts.

Volguine: Encourages achievement of high position or great wealth, especially in old age.

Volguine: Clearly unfavourable, but it protects those who are in misfortune and distress.

Agrippa: It's profitable for the extracting of treasures, for digging of pits, it helps forward divorce, discord, and the destruction of houses and enemies, and hinders travelers.

Ashmole 396: When the Moon is in this Mansion, dig pits and conduits. Take no journey. Receive medicines for infirmities of wind and none other. Matrimony made in this Mansion shall little while endure in accord. If you loan money, you shall not recover it again. Eschew all journeys by water and by land. Take no new fellowship. Change your dwelling. Do not take counsel of a learned man. Buy and sell. Shear not your hair. Buy servants.

Lunar Mansion 16, Al-Zubana (The Claws)

12° 51' 26'' Libra – 25° 42' 51'' Libra

Good For

Trade, business, wealth, prosperity.

Not Good For

Love, relationships. Traveling. Healing. Gardening.


Wealth and prosperity, but no love.


Warnock: This Mansion is superb for trade and business and indicates a positive answer to questions concerning wealth and prosperity. Careful assessment and planning promises business success and monetary gain. A business opportunity may be on the horizon or we may be offered a raise or lucrative investment.

Warnock: Such strong affinity to wealth is, not surprisingly, inauspicious for love.

Warnock: This Mansion brings to mind that ..."the love for money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows" (Timothy 6:10). When this Mansion appears, we must be careful to not allow our pleasure at the receipt of wealth blind us to the consequences of its unbridled pursuit. The recurrent theme of the scales reminds us to exercise moderation and maintain balance even in the midst of abundance.

Warnock: For making a profit in selling and buying merchandise.

Volguine: Danger for the reputation and station in life coming from vindictive and jealous persons.

Volguine: Confers the power of protecting one's self by power of observation and clear judgment. It is considered favourable for stock-breeding, buying and selling of cattle, and speculation, but it is more or less unfavourable for business, marriage, and journeys: impulses in these things are dangerous.

Volguine: Is not believed to promise a happy life, but it is always possible for people born under its influence to evade the blows of fate.

Agrippa: It hinders journeys and wedlock, harvests and merchandise, it prevails for redemption of captives.

Ashmole 396: When the Moon is in this Mansion, take no journey. Receive no medicine. Do no commerce. Apparel not your wife. Neither make nor wear new clothing. In matrimony there shall be no harmony. Buy servants. Take no new fellowship. If you be taken prisoner, you shall soon be delivered.

Lunar Mansion 17, Al-Iklil (The Dome of the Head)

25° 42' 51'' Libra – 8° 34' 17'' Scorpio

Good For

Financial security. Friendship. Love and marriage. Building. Promotion. Healing. Cutting hair.

Not Good For

Traveling. Risky commercial operations.


Prevented loss. Friendship.


Warnock: When this Mansion appears, it is generally a positive indication in financial questions. We may be in fear of loss, but Al-Iklil reassures us that we are, in fact, in a position of safety and security. It also signals to us that the period of amassing wealth is past, and now is the time for assessment and the safe guarding of what we have accrued.

Warnock: Al-Iklil might also alert us to the possibility of impending loss, which can however, with prudence, be avoided.

Warnock: Make images ... to make buildings firm and stable, to make safe travel by water. And everyone agrees that you should create friendship with a friend when the Moon is in this Mansion so that the friendship will be durable and never destroyed, and for that reason make in this mansion all images for love to last.

Warnock: The talisman of Al-Iklil is "in order that thieves may not enter into the house and plunder it".

Volguine: Favourable for marriage. It enables the native to achieve a responsible position.

Volguine: Warns the native to be on guard throughout life, since slander is always threatened. Very often warns that a greater part of the native's actions will be severely criticised by certain persons in his circle.

Volguine: A sign of success in occupations and acquisition of a good position.

Agrippa: It betters a bad fortune, makes love durable, strengthens buildings, and helps seamen.

Ashmole 396: When the Moon is in this Mansion, buy sheep and beasts and put them to pasture. Wear new clothes. Besiege towns. Wed no maiden. Build and it shall last well. And if you enter into a ship, you shall have anger and sorrow, but you shall escape. Make love days. Take no new fellowship. Receive medicines. Shear not your hair. Buy no servants.

Lunar Mansion 18, Al-Qalb (The Heart)

8° 34' 17'' Scorpio – 21° 25' 43'' Scorpio

Good For

Building, farming. Treatment of stomach. Exposing enemies.

Not Good For

Almost anything. Family matters. Excessive eating, or eating an unknown food.


Impending danger. Defence.


Warnock: We do not want to rouse this energy agains us. This Mansion may warn of impending danger. We benefit from its ominous message by acting to put ourselves in protective mode.

Warnock: We should be careful not to eat to excess, as we are particularly prone to stomach upset under this Mansion.

Warnock: Make images to build buildings that will be strong, to take away fevers and pains of the stomach.

Volguine: Exerts an especially favourable influence for exposing enemies and in times of war; and unfavourable from all other aspects, especially for the family; it is a sign threatening premature death for the mother (often in labor).

Volguine: One of the worst mansions since enterprises undertaken by the native never give him the rewards they should. Creates the danger of reversal of situation, most often in shameful circumstances.

Volguine: Seems to provoke unfair trials.

Agrippa: It causes discord, sedition, conspiracy against princes and mighty ones, and revenge from enemies, but it frees captives and helps edifices.

Ashmole 396: When the Moon is in this Mansion, build, buy land, farm your lands. Receive dignity and worship. If it rain it shall do good. Take your journey toward the East. If the Moon be with Mars and you wed, you shall find that your wife is no maiden. Buy no servants. Build, enter into ship. Take no new fellowship. Plant trees and herbs. Wear no new clothes. Shear not your hair. Receive and make medicines.

Lunar Mansion 19, Al-Shaulah (The Sting)

21° 25' 43'' Scorpio – 4° 17' 09'' Sagittarius

Good For

Farming and gardening. Aggressive actions. Hunting.

Not Good For

Business and commerce. Friendship. Family matters. Traveling by sea.


Battle and besiegement. Loss and sadness.


Warnock: Al-Shaulah is auspicious for the placement of armies outside of cities and advancement upon them, and for the increase of crops. It is inauspicious for liberation and ships.

Warnock: Auspicious for battle and besiegement, this mansion indicates that we must be steady and assertive to attain our goals, and may need to be confrontational. It can also signal the onset of arguments and conflict, and warn us that we are behaving in a manner too aggressive or argumentative.

Warnock: Al-Shaulah also carries the association of Mars with blood, and Scorpio with the genitals. In a question regarding pregnancy or birth, this Mansion gives a negative indication. But by contrast, it could indicate a positive resolution of problems of amenorrhea.

Warnock: On a more subtle level, this mansion can indicate a need to acknowledge the natural cycles in our lives, that we must not block the normal ebb and flow of events. This Mansion evokes feelings of loss and sadness, feelings that are inevitable in life, but which we would avoid given a choice. When this Mansion appears, we can prepare for the pain and sorrow it presages, trusting that there is purpose and order, and that our current suffering will pass.

Warnock: ...For men to travel better through roads and villages, increase harvests, ...for hastening the menses of women.

Volguine: Fluids must be guarded against; it is preferable to undertake nothing at this time.

Volguine: Favorable for hunting and personal ideas, but unfavourable for commerce and fixity of residence.

Volguine: Favors those who work for others rather than employers and self-employed persons; it is also a good omen for earnings towards the end of life.

Volguine: Unfavorable for friendships and children and provoking separation of the native from his children or from his parents.

Agrippa: It helps in the besieging of cities and taking of towns, and in the driving of men from their places, and for the destruction of seamen, and perdition of captives.

Ashmole 396: When the Moon is in this Mansion, lay sieges to castles, plead with your adversary. Take your journey. Put not to keeping. Sow and plant. Who takes a wife, he shall find her no maid. Buy no servants. Enter no ship, for she is likely to be broken. Take no new fellowship. Beware that you not be captured.

Lunar Mansion 20, Al-Na'am (The Dragon's Head)

4° 17' 09'' Sagittarius – 17° 8' 34'' Sagittarius

Good For

Travelling by land, collective effort and work. Dealing with animals, hunting. Building.

Not Good For

Marriage. Financial matters.


Concentrated and controlled energy. Passions.


Warnock: This Mansion has a close association with animals, being auspicious for taming wild animals and for hunting. It reminds us, too, of our animal nature. Often when this Mansion appears, it indicates that we must rein in unruly passions, whether they be anger, impulsive unbridled action, or pursuit of sensual fulfilment.

Warnock: This Mansion signals success in questions involving a quest or reaching a goal. If we have been hunting for something, the time is auspicious for finding it. But we must not be passive. Al-Na'am calls upon us to put forth the energy and single-pointed concentration of a hunt if we wish to reach our goal.

Warnock: Make images to tame wild and disobedient beasts, to go on roads and quickly return, and for men to come wherever you wish, for good people to be joined together ... for hunting in the fields.

Volguine: Promotes eloquence and writings.

Volguine: Promotes love and success in life as much through individual merit as through a woman or women. The fact that this mansion encourages love does not mean a happy marriage in most cases; on the contrary, frequently the woman, while useful for business or from the financial point of view, will seek authority in the household. Persons having the Moon in this mansion are better off with a free liaison than a married life. It is also an indication of involuntary changes of residence.

Volguine: Favors constructions and could be chosen for placing the first stone of a building.

Volguine: Promotes trade, although with some risk of loss, and promises improvement in fortune by inheritance or gift. Very often, it is an indication of weakness of the eyes.

Volguine: The cause of many changes in life, one of which will be around the age of thirty five years. It also promises a responsible position and often permits the acquisition of a prominent one.

Agrippa: It helps for the taming of wild beasts, for the strengthening of prisons, it destroys the wealth of societies, it compels a man to come to a certain place.

Ashmole 396: When the Moon is in this Mansion, buy beasts. For a journey she is neutral. Rain that falls shall do good and no harm.

Lunar Mansion 21, Al-Baldah (The City or District)

17° 8' 34'' Sagittarius – 0° Capricorn

Good For

Farming and gardening, building. Healing. Travel. Earnings.

Not Good For

Marriage and personal relationships. Hiring employees.


Enmity, argument and conflict.


Warnock: It is a sign of enmity and anger, argument and conflict. It might literally signal that someone is being two-faced, saying one thing to us and doing another. If the question concerns the progress of an activity, this Mansion generally suggests a negative answer. This is the time to accept that the path we have traveled has reached its end. We are playing an end game. It is time to cut our losses.

Warnock: We bear in mind that painful as endings are, they are necessary to clear the field for new growth. As the proverb says, when God shuts a door, he opens a window. Our task now is to find that window.

Warnock: Make images to strengthen buildings, to increase harvests, to make a profit and firmly keep money, to go safely through villages.

Volguine: Makes the native imprudent, susceptible and flighty, but is believed to promote travel and earnings, and to exert an influence that hastens and stimulates healing and recovery after illness.

Volguine: The symbol of vacillating luck, love of children and loyalty in business.

Volguine: Philanthropy and a favourable influence from a financial point of view.

Agrippa: It is good for harvests, gain, buildings and travelers, and causes divorce.

Ashmole 396: When the Moon is in this Mansion, build, sow, buy sheep, land, beasts, and ornaments for women and clothes. She is neutral for a journey. A woman who is left by her husband by death or departing shall never be wedded thereafter. If you buy a servant, he shall be disobedient and and insubordinate.

Lunar Mansion 22, Sa'd al-Dhabih (The Fortunate Assassin)

0° Capricorn – 12° 51' 26'' Capricorn

Good For

Healing. Traveling. Escaping from difficult situations.

Not Good For

Marriage. Financial matters, trade. Hiring employees.


Speed, escape. Personal power.


Warnock: This is a Mansion of speed, but also a Mansion of escape. When it appears, it means that we may soon receive a message or the answer to our queries. It also signifies the end of an illness and the onset of recovery. Or it may indicate that we are escaping from an undesirable situation.

Warnock: Sa'd al-Dhabih also warns us that it may be necessary to emulate the image of this Mansion and act quickly in order to escape, or that we are in need of liberation from an intolerable situation. Often we become too set in our ways, willing to put up with all sorts of pressures rather than make necessary changes. This Mansion might signal that we are going to lose our job or otherwise be shaken up by the energy of change. As stressful as this may be, we will eventually realise that we have gained a new freedom.

Warnock: Make images to cure illness, to cause good will between allies, ... for binding tongues so that they don't say anything evil.

Volguine: A mansion of personal power. Exerts an unfavorable influence on marriage and on loans of money, but permits a man with the Moon here to escape frequently the consequences of his actions.

Volguine: Expresses creative power, a strong will and a sense of justice. It allows advancement in life through the native's own efforts, but exposes him to wounds in wars or riots, and threatens loss of a position attained with difficulty.

Volguine: Unfavorable for speculation and trade or for female relations: little luck with women in the family and often the premature death of the mother or the wife.

Agrippa: It promotes the flight of servants and captives, that they may escape, and helps in the curing of diseases.

Ashmole 396: When the Moon is in this Mansion, buy, take your journey in the third part of the day. Wear new clothes. Wed not, for you and your wife shall be divided and you shall die six months before your wife at least. And your wife shall be alienated from you and treat you amiss. Buy no servants under any circumstances. Enter into ship. Take fellowship. If you be seized, you shall escape soon.

Lunar Mansion 23, Sa'd Bula (The Fortunate Aviator)

12° 51' 26'' Capricorn – 25° 42' 51'' Capricorn

Good For

Healing. Divorce. Obtaining freedom.

Not Good For

Marriage and personal relationships.


Conflict, separation, freedom, healing.


Warnock: Auspicious for divorce, liberty of captives and health of the sick.

Warnock: When this Mansion appears, it can signify that we are engaged in conflict or soon will be so. It indicates separation, divorce and the end of friendship. We are attempting to meld two factors that are inherently opposite and at odds with each other. Such a combination, this Mansion reveals, will not endure.

Warnock: The Twenty-third Mansion also warns that we are in a situation antithetical to our needs and ill suited to our personality. While this Mansion might be considered malefic, it does serve to compel a break from present circumstances and thus create a space for new beginnings. For example, Sa'd Bula can signify the weakness before recovery in an illness, and thus the painful beginning of the healing process. This Mansion tells us to examine our current situation closely and be willing to break free from an untenable position.

Warnock: Make images to heal illness, to join friends.

Volguine: Exerts a favourable influence for doctors, soldiers, and politicians, but has an unfavourable effect on everything concerning marriage, children, and contracts.

Volguine: The power of securing the favour of superiors, but in a more or less intermittent or capricious manner. It is the indication of a career strewn with strife, envy and jealousy; but which could, however, achieve some success through others.

Agrippa: It makes for divorce, liberty of captives and the health of the sick.

Ashmole 396: When the Moon is in this Mansion, receive medicine. Wear new ornaments and new clothes. Put no thing to keeping. Take your journey the third part of the day. Wed not. Buy no servants. Enter no ship. Take fellowship. If you be sized, you shall soon escape.

Lunar Mansion 24, Sa'd al-Su'ud (The Wretched of the Wretched)

25° 42' 51'' Capricorn – 8° 34' 17'' Aquarius

Good For

Starting a new project. Love and marriage. Increasing income, commerce and finances. Building.

Not Good For

Those in power. Travel by water.


Nurture and nutrition. Fulfillment.


Warnock: This is a Mansion of nurture and nutrition. If we have been hungry, we will now be fed. Needs and desires will be fulfilled. Fortune smiles upon us and showers us with maternal love. Just as mother's milk is perfectly suited for her child's needs, this Mansion indicates we will receive support from a source precisely attuned to our individual needs.

Warnock: This Mansion may herald a literal birth, i.e. the arrival of a new baby. But it can also signify the beginning of a fruitful project or the creation of new art or ideas. It indicates a positive answer to questions regarding the approach of good fortune. It advises us to act in a loving and nurturing way. Overall, this Mansion is most benefic. However, it occasionally cautions us to avoid being smothered in an all consuming "maternal" atmosphere.

Warnock: Make images to increase merchandise and make a profit out of it, to have goodwill between husband and wife, for soldiers to report victory over enemies ... for the increase of herds.

Volguine: The sign of an eventful and ultimately rather unhappy career. Clearly unfavorable to those responsible for the administration of a country or a city; the higher the position a man occupies in society, the more the unfavourable nature of the mansion makes itself felt. In horary charts it is nevertheless considered favourable for marriage, plans, enterprises, and friendships.

Volguine: Promotes everything having to do with constructions in general and especially the construction of houses. A very great deal of prudence is required in travel by water, which this mansion disfavors.

Volguine: Favorable, if the native acts with prudence; but capable of completely overturning his existence, if he tends to act too quickly and carelessly.

Agrippa: It is prevalent for the benevolence of married folk, for the victory of soldiers, it hurts the execution of government, and hinders that it may not be exercised.

Ashmole 396: When the Moon is in this Mansion, do no commerce, buy no ornaments, wear no new clothes. Take no wife. Take medicines. Send your knights and your hosts. Buy servants. Enter no ship. Take no new fellowship. If you be seized, you shall soon be delivered.

Lunar Mansion 25, Sa'd al-Akhbiyah (The Star of the Dungeons)

8° 34' 17'' Aquarius – 21° 25' 43'' Aquarius

Good For

Farming and gardening, protection of plants and crops. Studies and intellectual activities.

Not Good For

Friendship, marriage. Conception and pregnancy.


Growth and protection. Revenge.


Warnock: The image of this Mansion is one of planting, growth and protection, yet this Mansion is said to be inauspicious for friendship, marriage and conception.

Warnock: When this Mansion appears, we may need to embrace its steady, grounding energy. In the image, the gardener is planting the tree directly over the spring, signifying that our plantings, our projects and endeavours must also draw from the source, the water of wisdom and deep knowledge. This Mansion advises that we proceed according to the dictates of Nature, rather than those of men, machines and artifice. The barren tree is without access to the spring, the water of life and wisdom.

Warnock: The unguided gardener reaps only weeds. But planting with discernment brings success.

Warnock: The talisman of this Mansion is for guarding trees and crops from evil happenings.

Volguine: In feminine charts it foretells diseases of the uterus.

Volguine: Foretells of feminine interventions, which are not always advantageous, in the native's business affairs; it exerts a very evil influence on pregnancy. Consequently it is not considered favourable except for revenge, and for the effects of medicine.

Volguine: It is considered unfavourable for criminals, and for people of loose morals; and favourable to discoveries as well as for the study of sciences; to persons born under its influence, it communicates a lively curiosity for the sciences.

Agrippa: It helps besieging and revenge, it destroys enemies, makes divorce, confirms prisons and buildings, hastens messengers, it conduces to spells against copulation, and so binds every member of man, that it cannot perform his duty.

Ashmole 396: When the Moon is in this Mansion, besiege towns and castles and pursue your enemies. Send your messengers. Wed not. Sow not. Buy no beasts. Buy no sheep. Take your journey to the South. Buy servants. Build. Enter into ship. Take no new fellowship.

Lunar Mansion 26, Al Fargh al-Awwal (The Upper Hole of the Flask)

21° 25' 43'' Aquarius – 4° 17' 09'' Pisces

Good For

Love and marriage, friendship. Health and healing. Traveling by land. Farming and gardening. Commerce.

Not Good For

Sea journeys. Building.


Love and affection. Union.


Warnock: Love and abiding affection. This is a Mansion of romantic and divine love. It is not the sexually charged passion ... but of the higher love of the beautiful that draws the Soul towards its true Celestial and Divine Source.

Warnock: This Mansion signifies love, marriage, friendship and good will. If we are seeking love and this Mansion appears, it is a positive sign. It is a benefit Mansion and gives a positive answer in general to inquiries. It also can indicate recovery from illness and good health in general.

Warnock: Make images to bind people in mutual love, to travel safely on roads, to strengthen buildings. The talisman of this Mansion is for the creation of love.

Volguine: Favorable for marriage, agriculture, and buying and selling; but unfavourable for ocean voyages.

Volguine: Signifies the possibility of obtaining a position by the mediation of friends or relations; many deceptions and painful efforts, and finally success.

Volguine: Favorable for politicians, business and works of charity.

Agrippa: It makes for the union and love of men, for the health of captives, it destroys prisons and buildings.

Ashmole 396: When the Moon is in this Mansion, take your journey in the first part of the day, the remainder is not good. Wed not. Buy servants. Build. Enter into ship. Take no fellowship. Beware that you shall not be seized.

Lunar Mansion 27, Al Fargh al-Thani (The Lower Hole of the Flask)

4° 17' 09'' Pisces – 17° 8' 34'' Pisces

Good For

Business and commerce. Healing. Farming and gardening.

Not Good For

Building. Travel by sea. Starting a new project.


Income, connection, mischief.


Warnock: Our receipt of payment or goods means that someone else must give them to us. We are wise to stay cognisant of the fact that when this Mansion appears, our gain is another's loss. We must also consider that what appears on the surface to be good fortune, may not remain so on deeper examination. Are we blinded by the passions and desire of the ego for more and more at the expense of our true Self?

Warnock: Make images to increase merchandise and to acquire profit, to unite allies, increase harvests, heal illness.

Volguine: The passage of the Moon through this mansion seems to facilitate everything having to do with psychism, clairvoyance and spiritism; but we advise against beginning a project when the Moon occupies this part of the heavens, since the matter will be tied up with difficulties, complications and delays.

Volguine: Is an indication of idealism and of aspirations whose practical applications generally achieve little success, or do not give the expected results. Very often these people demand immediate realisation of their visions, which cannot succeed in the form in which they are conceived; or else they expend their energy more in planning than in execution.

Volguine: Aid in the maintenance of canals and of wheat granaries; in hunts, border wars, executions and the care of white clothing.

Volguine: Favorable influence for those who act wisely and an unfavourable one for expatriates and usurers.

Agrippa: It increases harvests, revenues, gain, it heals infirmities, but hinders buildings, prolongs prisons, causes danger to seamen, and helps to infer mischiefs on whom you shall please.

Ashmole 396: When the Moon is in this Mansion, sow thy seeds. Do your commerce. Wed. Neither lend nor borrow. Under no circumstance journey in the third part of the night. Enter into no ship. Buy no servants. Take no fellowship. If you be seized, you shall not escape.

Lunar Mansion 28, Batn al-Hut

17° 8' 34'' Pisces – 0° Aries

Good For

Marriage. Business and commerce. Farming and gardening. Traveling.

Not Good For



Guidance and completion. Fruition.


Warnock: When this Mansion appears, it indicates that we, too, are in a state of completion. We are ready to reap the harvest of our efforts. Yet we must not be passive. Like the fisherman, we must cast our net into the waters. The fish will not simply jump into the boat.

Warnock: This is also a Mansion of faith and guidance. Its appearance confirms that we are guided on our journey, that we will pass through the dangers and obstacles and achieve our goal.

Warnock: We can attain our heart's desire, if we accept the guidance that is ours for the asking, and ensure that we are active rather than passive participants in our journey.

Warnock: Make images to increase merchandise, besiege cities, increase harvests, to travel safely by road and safely return, to cause peace and concord between man and wife.

Volguine: Happy for conjugal happiness and for business, but unfavourable for sick people. Very often it is a sign of poverty, but also of help in the moment of danger.

Volguine: The sign of frequent journeys in the course of life. In feminine charts the presence of the Moon in this mansion is clearly unfavourable.

Volguine: Externally indicates a life of struggle, while internally — tranquility and a gentle nature.

Agrippa: It increases harvests and merchandise, it secures travelers through dangerous places, it makes for the joy of married couples, but it strengthens prisons, and causes loss of treasures.

Ashmole 396: When the Moon is in this Mansion, engage in commerce. Sow. Receive medicine. Neither lend nor borrow. Wed, if you will. Take no journey in the third part of the night, if you must. Buy no servant. Take no fellowship. If you be seized, you shall not escape.

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