Lunar Mansion 22, Sa'd al-Dhabih

0° Capricorn – 12° 51' 26'' Capricorn

Good For

Healing. Traveling. Escaping from difficult situations.

Not Good For

Marriage. Financial matters, trade. Hiring employees.


Speed, escape. Personal power.


Warnock: This is a Mansion of speed, but also a Mansion of escape. When it appears, it means that we may soon receive a message or the answer to our queries. It also signifies the end of an illness and the onset of recovery. Or it may indicate that we are escaping from an undesirable situation.

Warnock: Sa'd al-Dhabih also warns us that it may be necessary to emulate the image of this Mansion and act quickly in order to escape, or that we are in need of liberation from an intolerable situation. Often we become too set in our ways, willing to put up with all sorts of pressures rather than make necessary changes. This Mansion might signal that we are going to lose our job or otherwise be shaken up by the energy of change. As stressful as this may be, we will eventually realise that we have gained a new freedom.

Warnock: Make images to cure illness, to cause good will between allies, ... for binding tongues so that they don't say anything evil.

Volguine: A mansion of personal power. Exerts an unfavorable influence on marriage and on loans of money, but permits a man with the Moon here to escape frequently the consequences of his actions.

Volguine: Expresses creative power, a strong will and a sense of justice. It allows advancement in life through the native's own efforts, but exposes him to wounds in wars or riots, and threatens loss of a position attained with difficulty.

Volguine: Unfavorable for speculation and trade or for female relations: little luck with women in the family and often the premature death of the mother or the wife.

Agrippa: It promotes the flight of servants and captives, that they may escape, and helps in the curing of diseases.

Ashmole 396: When the Moon is in this Mansion, buy, take your journey in the third part of the day. Wear new clothes. Wed not, for you and your wife shall be divided and you shall die six months before your wife at least. And your wife shall be alienated from you and treat you amiss. Buy no servants under any circumstances. Enter into ship. Take fellowship. If you be seized, you shall escape soon.

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