Lunar Mansion 13, Al-Awwa

4° 17' 09'' Virgo – 17° 08' 34'' Virgo

Good For

Love, especially sexual love. Trade and finances. Beginning of creative projects. Traveling. Gardening. Healing. Building. Cutting and washing hair.

Not Good For



Achievement of desire. Increase. Benevolence.


Warnock: Is auspicious for the increase of trade and personal money, for the increase of harvests, for the completion of buildings, and for the liberation of captives.

Warnock: This Mansion signifies love, and especially sexual love. But the influence and power of this Mansion extends well beyond love an sex. It is generally auspicious, and it also signifies the achievement of heartfelt desire and the beginning of creative projects.

Warnock: Make images for the increase of trade and profit, the increase of harvests, for travellers to have good journeys, for the completion of buildings, for the freedom of captives, and the binding of nobles to have good from them ... to place love between a man and a woman.

Volguine: Indicates cleverness in the handling of money or in other words increases financial skill.

Volguine: Considered a sign of discernment, benevolence, even of a certain methodical kindness which may, however, be hidden under a gruff exterior. It is considered a good influence on travel, but they state that the profit derived therefrom generally passes into other hands.

Volguine: Always provokes several unfavourable events in the course of the life of the native completely independent of his will, but influencing his life strikingly. Very often these events are of a collective nature — floods, wars, revolutions, etc. In the horoscopes of sensual persons, indicates that they are slaves of to their own desires. From the standpoint of health, the Moon in this mansion demands particular care with food and avoidance of all excessive eating.

Agrippa: It is prevalent for benevolence, gain, voyages, harvests, and freedom of captives.

Ashmole 396: When the Moon is in this Mansion, low your land, sow your seeds. Take your journey. Wed. Deliver prisoners. It is good to wed a woman that has been corrupt, evil to wed a maiden, for they shall last little as your spouse. Buy servants and they shall be true. If you enter into any ship, your return shall be long tarried. If you be taken prisoner, after your loss you shall have a good end. Take new medicines. Make new clothes. Build. Be merry. Go before every lord with whom you have dealings. Wash your head and cut your hair.

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