Lunar Mansion 11, Al-Zubrah

8° 34' 17'' Leo – 21° 25' 43'' Leo

Good For

Profit and gain. Marriage. Travel. Promotion, making a request to a person in authority. Gardening. Cutting hair. Building. Actions that require courage.

Not Good For

Health of women.


Power, gain and respect.


Warnock: This Mansion signifies power, gain and respect. It indicates a positive answer to questions concerning profit and gain, particularly when seeking a position of authority or making a request to a person in authority, such as a boss or client. We are well advised to emulate not only the strength, but also the nobility of the lion. This Mansion represents righteous assertion of authority, not mindless or petty aggression. Still, now is not the time to shrink from confrontation or hide in fear. Courage and boldness are called for and will carry the day.

Warnock: In this Mansion make images to rescue captives, to besiege cities and villages, the ordering of trade and profit from it, for travellers to journey safe and unharmed, to make building firm and stable, and to increase the wealth of allies. … Is for pride and receiving good.

Volguine: Gives persons under its influence idealism or very refined tastes, but indicates vacillating fortune.

Volguine: Favourable influence on trade, on wealth (which often comes as a result of the efforts of others, especially in charts of women), on marriage and travel, but it is considered an unfavourable influence for the health of women.

Volguine: Symbolises patient courage and susceptibility but cautions the native to choose his words carefully and beware outbursts of anger.

Volguine: Favourable to all premeditated action with a clearly determined goal, but unfavourable for risk.

Agrippa: It is good for voyages, and gain by merchandise, and for redemption of captives.

Ashmole 396: When the Moon is in this Mansion, let out no prisoner. Besiege cities. Sow and plant what thou wilt. For merchandise and journeys this Mansion is neutral. Lay foundations and build. Take fellowship and you shall win. Wear no new clothes. Shear your hair if you will.

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