Lunar Gardening Books

Llewellyn's Moon Sign Book

This book is published every year. I've got its 1997 and 2009 versions, both have lunar gardening instructions in them, so I believe the future versions are going to have them as well.

Additionally, the book contains a lot of useful, or at least curious information, like best days for various activities, weather and economic forecasts, New and Full Moon forecasts, and a lot more.

Michel Gros, In Tune With The Moon

I like this little book because it is colourfull, well crafted, contains succinct information for many aspects of the Lunar Lore, not only Lunar Gardening. A little bit on animal husbandry, beer and cider making, beekeeping, cutting nails and many other subjects.

There is also a colourful, easy to use Lunar Gardening Calendar, new in every edition of the book.

Nick Kollerstrom, Gardening And Planting By The Moon

The author is a researcher, well known in the British Astrology, and his book (published yearly, as it contains a lunar gardening calendar) is full of facts and diagrams that should convince even the most stubborn non-believers that the rules of the Lunar Gardening do work quite well.

There is also an advice for each month, what to do in the garden.

Maria Thun, Matthias Thun, The Biodynamic Sowing And Planting Calendar

This is a yearly publication by a recognized authority in Lunar Gardening. Contains a detailed calendar and a substantial amount of informative reading, including sections like Antroposophical insights into honey and Recipe for rye bread.

Maria Thun, Work On The Land And The Constellations

This book is not easy to find as it is out of print but I was able to find it through Amazon.

It is clearly worth the effort as it contains a wealth of information, and not only on Biodynamic Gardening and its astronomical/astrological background but also on weather observations, experiments showing the influence of the constellations on bees, homeopathic methods of regulating pests.

Jack R. Pyle, Taylor Reese, Raising With The Moon - The Complete Guide To Gardening And Living By The Signs Of The Moon

Louise Riotte, Astrological Gardening


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