About the Lunar Days

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What the Lunar Days Are

Our ancestors paid a lot of attention to the Moon, its influence on the terrestrial life and its cycles. One of the evidences of this that is not widely known nowadays is the fact that different astrological traditions offer more or less detailed descriptions for each day of the lunar month. We'll be referring to the synodic lunar month, as astronomers call it, or the period from one New Moon to the next New Moon.

The average length of a synodic lunar month is 29.531 calendar days, but it is not constant as the speed of the Moon changes quite significantly over time.

Lunar Days — those that are described in the astrological traditions of the World — are quite different from the familiar calendar days. The first lunar day always starts at the moment of the New Moon. Each consequent day begins at the moment of the moonrise in the given location. This means that the lunar days are location-specific. The moment of the moonrise depends on the longitude and latitude of the location and so even if two cities are located in the same time zone (say, New York and Boston), there will be a more or less substantial difference between their lunar days.

Another detail which is important to understand is that the first lunar day can be very brief. Let's imagine that moonrise happened only a few minutes after the New Moon — in this case the first lunar day will be only a few minutes long. From the moment of moonrise, the second lunar day will begin.

Most lunar months will only have 29 lunar days but some of them will have the 30th Lunar Day. It can be quite short, however. So the interpretations that will follow will contain a description for the 30th day as well.

For some lunar days, the descriptions given by different traditions are more or less similar. There are, however, lunar days, for which descriptions coming from different traditions contradict quite substantially.

I recommend you to follow the lunar days and to see for yourself which description of which tradition works for you best of all. With time, you will have your favourite lunar days and also lunar days when you will want to avoid doing anything important.

In this article I will try to give you all the information about the lunar days that was available to me. My two main sources are the book by Sergey Vronsky that was published in Moscow in 1990 and the teachings of the most popular Russian astrologer Pavel Globa. As for the Vedic interpretations, I found them on the Internet several years ago and I mention them from time to time very briefly, simply for the sake of completeness. I have only a very superficial knowledge of the basics of Vedic astrology and if you have a more complete information, please let me know — I will either make a link to it or make it available on the pages of Lunarium.

The next section will tell you a bit more about the sources of information on the lunar days.

The Sources of Information

My first and the most important source of information about the lunar days was the book written by Sergey Vronsky. It was one of the first books on astrology (if not the first) published in Russia after the beginning of Perestroyka. The title of the book, translated from Russian, was "Astrology — a Superstition or a Science?". It is basically a collection of different bits of astrological information and ideas from various authors.

One of the topics in the book is the interpretations of the lunar days. I remember that these interpretations were associated in some way with Albert the Great, or Albertus Magnus but most recently I couldn't find any details about this. As far as I remember, Vronsky's interpretations were based on those by Albert the Great.

I've translated for you all the interpretations given by Vronsky, including those that mention the characteristics of children that were born during this or that lunar day. Now that you can generate a lunar calendar for any month from the year 1900 to the year 2050, this makes sense.

Since the first version of the online lunar calendar was created for the Russian audience, the second source of information was natural and obvious — the writings of Pavel Globa. Globa is definitely the most well-known astrologer in Russia. If you stop anyone in the streets of Moscow, or some other Russian city, and ask them for a name of an astrologer they know of, I am sure almost everyone will mention Globa.

Globa's astrology school was very prominent in Russia in the 1990s. I am not sure if it is still active now but Globa isn't forgotten, that is for sure. Globa states that his astrology has its source in Avesta, the sacred book of Zoroastrianism. However, some knowledgeable Russian astrologers stated that Globa's astrology has nothing to do with Avesta.

Globa uses a large number of various planets, asteroids, fictional planets and stars in his astrology, as well as some techniques that are close to those of the European Medieval Astrology. Many interpretations by Globa speak about sins, demons, vampires and other dark things. This is perhaps the main reason why I don't like his approach — but many, many other people do like it. So I translated for you everything that I had about the lunar days, written by Globa.

My original brief interpretations of the lunar days, which you see in the Universal Lunar Calendar, when you click on a lunar day, also have the third source of information — Vedic astrology. Several years ago, when compiling the interpretations, I was able to find some information about it and I used it. Since then, however, I lost the link to that information. I also received an email from an apparently knowledgeable person who stated that some of the Vedic interpretations are not correct. As a result, I have decided not to provide any Vedic interpretations in this article — I am simply not competent in them at the moment. However, I have also decided to leave the original brief descriptions as they were written. At that time, they were approved of by the authors of a website devoted to Vedic astrology.

If with time I will acquire more knowledge about the Vedic lunar days, it will appear in this article in one or another way.

Lunar Day 1

A day for making plans and 'symbolic beginnings'. Do not push forward too actively in a new direction while the Moon is still invisible in the sky. Instead, try to prioritise the activity which you know will be important for you during the coming month. Sit down at the table and work out what needs to be done. Draw up a plan and take the very first step forward. There will be other days for everything else.


One should devote the first day to everything that elevates the spirit. This is a day of happiness, it is most favourable for any new beginning. The child born on this day, as a rule, will live to an extreme old age. If someone will fall ill on this day, the illness can become lengthy but he will recover. Dreams are to happiness.


Symbols: the lantern, the lamp, the altar of Hecate, Pallas Athena. This lunar day is unfavourable for group work. It is necessary to return to basics, to remember your childhood, to read a book on the history of your nation, to analyze the past path. The day of creative ideas. It is as if specially designed to work with mental energy, with mental images.

As a rule, one should not start anything on this day, only plan. In the medical respect, the first lunar day is related to the brain and the facial part of the head. One should not over-exert on this day, should not drink alcohol or eat too hot or too spicy food. Physiologically, this is a difficult day, it tightens the internal organs.

Those who were born on this day are always awaiting for something great. They can spend like this the whole of their life and never get their stellar hour. Sometimes it dawns at them and they perform a feat. They must involve themselves into an activity suddenly and brightly.

On this day, one should wear diamonds and rock crystal.

Lunar Day 2

A day for laying foundations. Good for beginnings, especially for long term issues such as conceiving a child or laying the first bricks of your future house. It favours moves, trips, long journeys and buying property, but it is a day when financial machinations or theft will bring trouble.


This day is very beneficial for scientific research, reflections and discoveries. It is also good for conceiving children or requesting other kinds of favour from the Providence. The child born on this day will grow safely.

The second day is propitious for all sorts of trips, journeys and travels, both short and far or lengthy. It is good for any movement or rebuild.

If you will happen to fall ill on this day, even if you'll have to stay in bed, do not worry too much: the illness will be not long and will have no dangerous consequences. Most dreams, however, will be false.

This day is inauspicious for theft.


Symbols: mouth, horn of plenty. Diet makes a wholesome influence. It is good to make a gastric lavage. Anger is absolutely counter-indicated; one should develop generosity in themselves. It is good to start on this lunar day a cycle of physical exercises or a big informational cycle. In the medical aspect, one should turn their attention to the mouth, teeth, the upper part of the palate. Those born on this day tend to take everything into themselves. In undeveloped people, this shows in the form of predatoriness, greediness; they eat everything indiscriminately but never gain weight. The stones of this day — jade, chalcedony, agate.

Lunar Day 3

Different traditions give contradictory interpretations of this day. The Vedic tradition recommends getting actively involved in an occupation, and Avesta even stresses being aggressive. Yet the European tradition states that the day is inauspicious and nothing important should be undertaken.


The third day is unfortunate. Do not undertake anything new. Do your daily chores that were started and unfinished, those that are less important, nonessential. A child born on this day will not live long without support from strong beneficial planets. If someone fell ill on this day, he or she will recover with difficulty. Dreams have no significance.


Symbol: leopard preparing for a leap. This is a period of active struggle, force and aggression. All passive people are vulnerable during this lunar day as they find themselves under various astral attacks. A person, if he is not a fighter, becomes suspicious and guileful. One should concentrate and use their astral energy for self-protection.

This is the best day for martial arts. On this lunar day, people work with metals, sharpen knives, in ancient times they used to cast silver items on this day.

It is desirable to go to a sauna and sweat. Work with all the energies of the biofield is recommended. One should pay special attention to the region of occiput and ears. If there is some pain in this area, cleaning of bones is necessary. Stones recommended for wearing: ruby, pyrite, aventurine.

Lunar Day 4

This is a contradictory day. In the Vedic and Avesta traditions, it is inauspicious and only good for conflict and getting rid of anything outmoded. Nothing should be started, especially if it is connected to any kind of material gain. In the European tradition this is a good day for beginnings, especially if you are searching for something lost. It is also lucky for any kind of business that deals with water.


Happy day for any new beginning, especially for a search for lost items or people. An auspicious day for dealing with water. A child born on this day will become a big egotist or even a criminal. Its parents will have to apply all their energy and skills in order to direct the child to a decent path.

This day can become unhappy due to one's own fault, especially if the person will find him or herself under some fatal influence or circumstances, or will take up arms against a fellow creature. Illnesses can be quite dangerous if they are not taken care of from the very beginning. Dreams can come true.


Symbol: the Tree of Knowledge, the choice between the good and the evil. On this day (which would be best of all spent alone) one should think ten times before making a decision. This lunar day is the first between inauspicious ones. It bears in it an ambiguous quality: it is both positive and negative at the same time. One should try not to make hasty decisions. Group work is contra-indicated, one should not pick flowers or cut trees. On this lunar day it is good to spin, to walk in the forest, to undo knitting.

People born on this day are the bearers of some cosmic mystery; it is desirable for each of them to solve this mystery inside themselves on the intuitive level. Sewing or twisted hair in a dream on the eve of this day is a sign that one should reject their plans. Stones: sardonyx, amazon-stone, green nephrite.

Lunar Day 5

The Vedic tradition considers this day to be the best for any the actions intended to bring benefits, and also excellent for beginning any enterprise. The European tradition states the opposite: the day is inauspicious, bringing losses and dangerous illnesses.


The fifth day is unhappy — whatever is lost, is lost forever. A fatal day for criminals: any their action will be discovered and punished. A child born on this day will not live long without an outside help. Illnesses are fatal.


The symbol is Unicorn which means, among other things, truthfulness to one's principles and duty. In this lunar day that symbolizes the beginning of assimilation and transformation of food, one should pay much attention to the food. Food of animal origin is counter-indicated, it is better to give preference to milk and cheese.

It would be good to make a trip to somewhere, to gather and dry herbs, to make a tincture, to part with tears with something you don't need. One should not fuss or fast.

Lunar Day 6

Without doubt, an auspicious day. It is good for intellectual activities, study, spiritual pursuits and also for searching for lost people, animals and things. It favours recovery and the restoration of health. The Vedic tradition especially recommends this day for building and anything connected with property.


The day of happiness and passions. Very good and successful for science and research, for any kind of intellectual and spiritual activities, for a search for lost people, animals or things. A child born on this day will live until old age. The one who will fall ill will be none the worse for it. Quite an unsuccessful day for thieves and other criminals. It is better not to tell anyone about your dreams.


The symbol is a crane. This day is related to assimilation of cosmic energy, finding the Grace, love, forgiveness, prophesies, mental and verbal work. Good for rejuvenation. Clear or completely covered with clouds sky — a sign of absence of harmony in the world. Good signs: clouds in the sky, a melodious chime.

Lunar Day 7

On the whole, an auspicious day. It is a good day for starting a journey, and for everything to do with transport and vehicles. It is also good for surgery and medical treatment, for physical exercise and for everything which can be finished quickly. However, beware of telling others something you didn't really mean to tell them on this day.


This day is preferable for the pursuits that can be completed quickly. It is better to avoid anything that can drag on. It will bring success in those affairs where justice is observed. A child born on this day will have a robust health. All illnesses will be easily cured, dreams can be fulfilled. A successful day for any kind of surgery. For thieves, murderers, criminals it is unhappy.


Symbol - a rooster. Devoted to the avestian god Sraoshi. A day of serious provocations and adventures, prayer and verbal magic. Communication with the spirits of Nature is desirable. One should not tell lies, gossip, tear paper, break dishes, eat chicken or eggs, extract teeth. One can get rid of parasite words. Game-cock in a dream is a sign of a catastrophe either for the person himself or for his relatives.

Lunar Day 8

An auspicious day for trips, especially a business trip or long journey. The Vedic tradition recommends this day for many different things, including art, physical activities, and any business related to property. This is also thought to be one of the best days for any kind of beginning. However, this could be a critical day for those who are ill.


The eighth day will be successful for trips and travels, for business voyages and moving house. The child born on this day will not be destined to have external beauty, so only through his intellect and knowledge, through good will and diligent work will he attract an attention to himself. For people who fell ill on this day, the illness may prove to be quite dangerous. Dreams can be trusted, in most cases.


Symbol — a phoenix. The day of penance, absolution, purification by fire, alchemy. One can fast, purge one's stomach and intestines. It is good to prepare remedies for all illnesses. One should not be dissolute or egoistic.

Lunar Day 9

A day of struggle, the aggravation of conflicts, and heightened risk. Nothing new should be started on this day, especially if it is connected to material issues. The best things to do on this day are physical activities, such as working with land and taking care of plants and animals.


It is better to devote the ninth day only to those pursuits that were started long time ago and that only need to be continued. It can be good and successful for a new build or a reconstruction, for fertilizing the soil, for planting and sowing, for buying cattle. Work on this day will increase one's experience and prudence.

This day is also good for having fun and spending time with beloved ones. The life of the child born on this day will be long and fruitful. Illnesses can be dangerous but never fatal. Dreams will come true.


Symbol — a bat. A satanic day. Brings seductions, illusions, deceptions, bad signs that need to be analysed. There can be agonizing dreams, poisonings. One needs to purify oneself from physical and astral slags, to actively protect oneself from negative influences, forgive offenders, do weight-lifting exercises.

One should not look into a mirror, and it would be especially bad to break a mirror. Flowering cactus is a good sign. Bad signs: spilled milk (if a breast-feeding mother's milk stops on this day, the child may be punished), oppressive feeling in the chest (one has accumulated a lot of problems).

Lunar Day 10

This is an exceptionally auspicious day in all traditions. It is especially good for beginning important business or acquiring a large-scale acquisition. It is also beneficial for travelling and anything connected to transport and vehicles. It gives those who were born on this day a love of long journeys.


The tenth day is very good and successful for any beginning, both important and insignificant. Grief or sorrow will prove to be transitory. The child born on this day will enjoy travels, trips, hiking and business voyages. The one who will fall ill on this day can die without an immediate help. Dreams are mostly invalid.


Symbol — a fountain. The day for rest, for finding new sources of energy, for exploring the depths of your own nature, activating the karmic memory. Recommended are reflections on one's family tree, meditation on one's own karma in order to clarify the line of life, to strengthen one's home and family.

It would be good to start building something, to have a steam bath. One should not be selfish and superficial.

Lunar Day 11

This day gives you an abundance of energy and favours moves and changes. It helps to get off the ground a business which was previously derailed. Make sure you put your excess energy into something useful, however, to avoid conflicts and bust-ups.


This is the day of victory and immortality. The one who will die on this day will long live in the memory of his nation or even the whole humanity. This day is good for setting off for a long journey. The child born on this day will have good intellectual abilities and he will live until an old age. Illnesses can be dangerous for females. For males they will be insignificant.


Symbol — a fiery sword. The most energetically powerful day. One needs to be very cautious and attentive in pursuing any kind of activity. One can pray, undertake a cleansing but after a thorough preparation.

It is better not to overload oneself and not to engage in anything serious when you don't know something or when you are not cleansed. Anything started should be carried to the end.

One should not take cutting tools, even to cut the bread, should not contact insects or kill them. Sign of danger — falling knives and forks.

Lunar Day 12

Different traditions disagree about this day but overall, it is thought to be rather negative. It isn't advisable to undertake anything important, but if you have promised something to someone, make sure you keep your word. Medical treatment is not advisable on this day, especially if it involves surgery.


The twelfth day is substantially unhappy and unsuccessful. One should not undertake or start anything as it will be all in vain and will bring only losses. It is crucially important to beware blood!

A child born on this day will consequently become lame — either as a result of a congenital physical problem or after an illness. Illnesses that happen on this day can become fatal. Almost all dreams will be fulfilled.


Symbol — a bowl. Day of connection to the cosmic energy of love, divine revelations, purification of thoughts, fulfillment of prayers, comfort, the victory of wisdom over the mind and senses. It is good to show mercy: make gifts, give alms, satisfy requests.

It is contraindicated to get angry, to relax and cry, to eat coarse food (better — juices, except for the apple juice). Broken dishes and spilled liquid are signs of suffering and loneliness.

Lunar Day 13

European tradition treats this day as an exclusively negative for all sorts of affairs and especially negative for health. At the same time in Vedic tradition this day is auspicious. It favours important beginnings, improvement of relationships with other people and pleasant ways of spending time.


This day brings bad luck into all endeavours. One should not undertake or start anything! A child born on this day might be able to live to a very old age.

Those who will fall ill on this day and go to the hospital, can remain there for a prolonged period of time. As a rule, almost all the dreams will be fulfilled.


Symbol — a wheel with a clockwise swastika inside. A magical day. A day for work with karma, correction of the past, accumulation of information and contacts. Contacts with the other worlds can happen.

It is good to spin yarn, to make round charms, to bake bread. It is necessary to load the stomach; one can take drugs and carry out cosmetic procedures.

Lunar Day 14

Different astrological traditions strongly disagree about this day. The Vedic tradition doesn't recommend starting anything, especially if it concerns getting income, and advises you not to travel. On the contrary, Globa considers this day appropriate for any important business, and the European tradition treats it as generally happy.


This day is rather successful and even happy. For all the endeavours, agreements and contracts, it would be useful to discuss or think about them during a walk.

Fate will patronize a child born on this day. All illnesses will pass without any serious consequences. Dreams however can be more or less doubtful.


The symbol is a trumpet. The is a day to begin any important endeavour, to use information, to call for anything. Any liquid on this day brings pollution; dry fasting is indicated, as well as prayers, but not very diligent.

Work with sacred texts as well as physical work can be recommended. Sadness, grief, melancholy are possible, as well as contacts with the other worlds.

One should not practise any form of magic, overload their vision, use perfumes; it is better not to look in the mirror.

Lunar Day 15

This is a more or less neutral day in the European and Vedic traditions, although it does increase sexuality and physical activity. In Vedic astrology it also favours new beginnings. However, for Globa this is a "Satanic" day, with all the ensuing consequences...


The 15th day often brings momentary happiness alternating with long disappointment, especially in love. A child born on this day will certainly be very amorous, and can greatly suffer from that.

Those who become ill on this day need not worry about the outcome of their illness. Dreams are almost always fulfilled.


Symbol — a snake. This is a satanic day, with temptations of flesh, astral battles, intensification of the "internal snake" in each person. One must defend justice, observe penance, defeat one's own flesh.

A dream on the eve of this day will be prophetic for a month. One should not submit to suggestion and should not eat apples. A quarrel is a bad sign, a dog, even if barking, is a good sign.

Lunar Day 16

An auspicious day, especially for trade, travelling and any occupations connected to land, property and animals. It is considered to be the best day for selling animals. Also good for celebrations, parties and festivities.


A good day for traveling, it is also successful for selling animals. A child born on this day will most likely have a strong health and a long fruitful life. As a rule, all the dreams are valid but they require a proper interpretation.


The symbol is butterfly. One of the "clean" days. Marked with harmony, equilibrium, justice. One should keep inner comfort, be confident in everything. Forbidden are shouting, unceremonious behaviour, evilness, envy. Sex is counterindicated. Eating animal food and mushrooms is not recommended. One must not kill birds. Dirt on the clothes is a sign of spiritual uncleanliness.

Lunar Day 17

A good day for marriage, the birth of children, family holidays and household chores. It favours all occupations connected to homes, households and land. The use of alcohol, medicines or drugs on this day should be strictly limited. Only Albert the Great describes this day as particularly negative.


This day makes a good foundation for new and important beginnings. A child born on this day will be happy and prosperous. However, if this day falls on Saturday, it might prove to be dangerous.

The one who falls ill on this day has bad prospects as the illness might prove to be incurable. Do not take any medicines on this day, as well as alcoholic drinks. Avoid using drugs as consequences can be very negative. Dreams are fulfilled, most often on the third day.


Symbol — the bell. The day of acquiring inner freedom, accumulation, fertility, joy of being, finding the ideal love. Good for getting married (the marriage will be based on love), conjugal relationship, joy, relaxation, sublimation of sexual energy. This day is connected with transformation of feminine energy. It is recommended to have some cold dry wine, or warm Cahors wine — the symbol of cognition of eternity and ecstasy. However, one should not booze and run amok.

Lunar Day 18

A more-or-less positive day. It favours the beginning of long-term projects, especially those aimed at earning money. It is an appropriate day to seek medical advise and treat your health, but chronic diseases can also be aggravated on this day.


This day requires prudence and temperance. A child born on this day will prove to be industrious and hard-working, with years he will become prosperous and rich.

The one who falls ill may stay ill for long and never recover. Dreams, as a rule, are valid.


Symbol — the mirror. A passive day that can become difficult and bring falling into sin through unwillingness to fight the lowly instincts and temptations. One should work on one's evil thoughts, renounce oneself from vanity and egotism. it is okay to go to baths, to cleanse intestine, skin, to have a massage. On this day, the surrounding reality as if reflects our inner essence. It is undesirable to drink wine, smoke, sleep too much, eat meaty food. Nuts and plenty of vegetable oil are preferred. Skin diseases and opening old wounds are the signs of violation of the law of cosmic evolution.

Lunar Day 19

A difficult, even dangerous, day in all astrological traditions. It is suited only for struggles with enemies, and the destruction of anything outmoded. On this day, good deeds and noble actions may bring a very different result to the one you had been hoping for. It isn't suitable for starting anything important, especially connected with earning money. Marriage is undesirable, and you should also avoid drunks.


This day is unhappy, so best of all, if possible, to stay home and not to go anywhere. One should not get married on this day, and intimate life should be limited.

Especially beware drunken people on this day, they might be able to make harm to one's health and even to incur severe damage.

A child born on this day will be kind and sweet. An illness will pass, and dreams will be fulfilled.


Symbol: the spider. Difficult and dangerous day. The danger of black magic manifestations, spiritual intoxication, split of consciousness, poisoning. New ideas and influences can be in reality a "devil's net". The day is connected to ethical cleansing, repentance, getting rid of pride, lie, illusions, alien thoughts. It would be good to sit at a camp fire, to walk around one's house with a candle. The only way to reduce the negativity of this day is through one's high moral qualities, dedication and modesty.

Lunar Day 20

A beneficial day in all traditions, especially for important beginnings. Good for marriage. However, this day may be difficult for those who are ill and children born on this day may have a difficult temper.


This day is good for any beginning, both big, important, and trivial. Everything undertaken will have success. A child born on this day will get an angry and disagreeing personality, his parents will have to struggle with him from the very early age.

An illness that began on this day can prove to be quite lengthy. Dreams, as a rule, will be fulfilled.


Symbol — the eagle. A serious day related to spiritual transformation, cognition of the cosmic law, overcoming the doubts. The best day for spiritual illumination, studying spiritual texts, fasting. It is better to spend it at home, being busy with family and traditional matters. Eagle is a symbol of religious feat. One should overcome pride, haughtiness, snappishness. Do not practise spiritual healing, you can exhaust yourself.

Lunar Day 21

An active and lucky day. Good for making moves, trips and travelling in general. It is also beneficial for friendships, entertainment and holidays. It favours sports, physical exercise and outdoor activities. In addition, it is not a bad day for business undertakings, trade and gambling. Anything lost on this day will soon be found again.


This day is beneficial for any kind of trips and travels, as well as for moving house, but only by land. It is also good for buying and selling, for risky business activities, for trade and for storing supplies of food. This is a day for entertainment in a company with other people.

A child born on this day will be distinguished with industriousness and efficiency, patience and discreetness. A person who fell ill on this day can be in a great danger. For thieves and other criminals this day is unsuccessful and unhappy: they will be soon caught and sentenced. Dreams are usually invalid.


Symbol — the horse. An active, creative day. Bravery, fearlessness, voluntary sacrifice, rejection of possessions. Group endeavours are useful, everything that brings people together, one can give an oath of loyalty. One should be honest and fair. It is good to start a journey, to change job, to take water treatments, to do physical exercises, to be in the open air. One should not blindly rush to a goal.

Lunar Day 22

Different traditions completely disagree on how to treat this day. The European tradition takes it as particularly inauspicious, but suggests that those who were born on this day have the potential to become good people. The Vedic tradition considers it auspicious for trips and transport, whilst Globa recommends it as a day to study sciences, and master a specific subject.


The day is unfavourable and unsuccessful for beginnings of various activities. A child born on this day will be a good, active person and will live to a very old age. For the one who falls ill on this day the illness can become dangerous. Dreams will be fulfilled.


Symbol — the elephant. Wisdom, firmness, the Universal Law, hidden knowledge, informational field. The day for achieving a goal, studying sciences, trades, understanding one's own roots. One should be finding out the future, meditating, teaching others, transferring experience, be generous, altruistic. It is recommended to eat a lot. One should not be conservative.

Lunar Day 23

Most traditions consider this day as fairly good and active. The European tradition portends fame and honours to matters which come to a head on this day, but it doesn't recommend starting anything new. The Vedic tradition promises success in many affairs and also does recommend starting something new. For Globa, it is a day of penitence when vampires rage...


The day is very good for completion of any activity, any enterprise. Not only they will be resultful, they can bring honour and glory, popularity and wellbeing. However, one should not start any new activity as it will be senseless and useless.

A child born on this day won't be especially beautiful, so a lot in his life will depend on his ability to gain knowledge and be kind. The illnesses of this day are long, and the dreams are false.


Symbol — the crocodile. One of the days of seduction, of vampires' bacchanalia. The period of fasting, abstention, carefulness, repentance, forgiveness and self-sacrifice. This day is connected to hounding, manhunt, exile, encounter with a mad crowd. One should guard one's house: clean it, sprinkle it with holy water, cleanse thresholds with fire, fumigate with Labrador tea and cumin. It is good to make cheese pies and to bake a nut into them. It is recommended to eat dairy products. It is dangerous to give way to anger, to overeat. One should not cut hair or nail, have a surgery, have a sedentary life.

Lunar Day 24

In the European tradition, this day is of no account and is considered to be absolutely neutral, but Veda and Avesta emphasise that it increases physical energy and sexuality, and inclines to arguments, risks and rivalry. It is not recommended to start anything, especially with the hopes of significant financial results.


This day can be named neutral, indifferent. It won't bring any harm if you will continue to do something that was started earlier. A child born on this day may become honest and kind, or greedy, or envious, but in any case he will be a big foodie. The illnesses, as a rule, are not dangerous and won't have any consequences.


Symbol — the bear. The day of awakening and transformation. A revelation and an enormous energy can pour down on someone. A beneficial day for subduing one's physical nature, sexual energy, for conceiving and healing. One should strengthen their health and elevate their spiritual level. One can lay the foundation of a house or a temple. Rapists and sadists are prosecuted.

Lunar Day 25

Different traditions contradict each other about this day. Albert the Great considers it to be unfortunate, whilst Vronsky and Veda see it as auspicious for trips and travelling, trade and buying. Veda recommends that important affairs should be started on this day, but Globa believes everyone should be passive and contemplative.


The day is good and beneficial for any kind of trips and travels, including those for business, as well as for moving house. It is also good for buying and selling, for litigation, but also for sleep and rest.

A child of this day will be a favourite of his own Fortune, good luck will follow him throughout the whole life. The one who falls ill on this day can die without a help from someone else.


Symbol — vessels with live and dead water. A passive, contemplative day. It gives solitude and concentration on spiritual problems. One should cleanse their body from debris, listen to their inner voice. One could undertake a medical fasting. Hastiness is counterindicated. Clearhearing is a sign of slavish dependence on someone.

Lunar Day 26

An inauspicious day. Don't start anything new, be temperate, and get rid of anything superfluous or harmful. Also, try to avoid unnecessary outlays of money and energy. At the same time, this day helps you to see the real face of other people and unveils those who wish you harm. Its influence on health is mostly negative.


Don't start or undertake anything on this day, it will only bring harm and loss. A child born on this day can be financially well-off, and even rich. Those who fall ill on this day can be in mortal danger. Dreams will be fulfilled.


Symbol — the toad. A critical day. Abstention, fasting, getting rid of unnecessary contacts, sober evaluation of reality, cognition of life and the worst side of people, removal of masks. Finding a Teacher or a tradition is desirable, verifying the truth of a teaching. It is better to refrain from an excessive activity, or you can outspend your energy, especially in an empty chat. One can confront sanctimony, vulgar materialism, robbery. One should resist the desire to credit themselves for all achievements. Meeting a person with full bags or buckets is a sign that life is going in the right direction. A thunderbolt in a dream or in reality is a warning about uncontrolled pride or vanity.

Lunar Day 27

An auspicious day in all traditions. The only difference is that Veda doesn't recommend travelling, whilst Globa suggests it is positive for travel, but advises against drinking alcohol.


The day is good for any work, for planting and sowing, for communication with the people of the older generation. A child born on this day will be too spineless, infirm. From the early age his parents should pay a special attention to his proper upbringing, to the strengthening of his will. Illnesses won't be dangerous. Don't pay attention to dreams.


Symbol — a wand. The day of acquiring a hidden knowledge. Meditation, intuitive insight, healing, prayers, verbal magic. One can travel, explore the world. It is better not to look into mirrors. One should not consume alcohol, or fall into illusions.

Lunar Day 28

A happy day. Good for beginning an important pursuit, for getting to know influential people, and for meeting friends. It favours holidays, amusements and pleasures, and it improves health.


This day is successful for beginning new important activities, for various businesses and undertakings. A child born on this day will be very lazy but will have everything he needs provided for him for the whole life. Illnesses will prove to be not dangerous. Dreams should not be taken seriously.


Symbol — the lotus. A beneficial day. Comprehension of higher truths, acquiring the spiritual consciousness, the alchemy of the soul. One can work with the astral body, with clairvoyance, chakras, dreams, gaining through this the knowledge of one's previous incarnations. One should be in an elevated mood, should control one's emotions, peer into oneself. One can be busy with the "earthy" matters — buying a house, making a repair, planting useful plants. One should not cut trees, cut and present flowers.

Lunar Day 29

All traditions agree that this is an inauspicious day, Travel is not recommended, nor should you start anything with the aim of receiving [gain or material benefits]. Do only those things which are absolutely necessary at the moment, and get rid of anything useless.


This day is substantially unhappy for everything. One should not start or undertake anything as everything will go awry. A child born on this day will not live long without someone's help. Dreams are quite truthful.


Symbol — the octopus. A dangerous satanic day. Bacchanalia of devils, astral mist, illusions, deception. Required are responsibility, opposition to satanism, fasting, penance, healing. One should only do the most necessary routine things, cut false connections, discard negative thoughts, cleanse the body, burn candles, smoke the rooms with Labrador tea. Avoid turbid water and darkness. Food must be mostly baked like pies or pancakes. Bathing or cold bath for feet are good before sleep. Cries, sound of trumpet, continuous musical sounds are a warning about the wrong way.

Lunar Day 30

An exceptionally auspicious day, which, unfortunately, does not happen every lunar month. It favours all beginnings, and helps the sick to recuperate and improve. It also favours a successful, smooth ending to all matters which have reached their final stage. It is important to be generous, and to recognise and reward everyone's contribution.


The day is very good and successful for starting new important activities, for new undertakings. A child born then can have limited mental abilities on one or another reason. The one who will fall ill can only be saved by an immediate help from the outside, from someone else. Dreams promise a lot of joy and should be fulfilled.


Symbol — the golden swan. The day of love, forgiveness, penance, rejection of everything unneeded, accepting a spiritual initiation and transition onto the next cycle of development. One should analyze one's path and try to wipe out all sins. It is good to complete activities, to return debts, to give joy to other people. One can work with stones, clean the house, in particular by bringing in talismans, like horseshoe. Food should not be rough. This is the day of sacrifice and summarizing the past month. A barking dog is a warning about a mistake done in the past month.

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