About Lunar Conception Personal Consultation

Finding out potential moments with high probability of conceiving a child of the desired gender using the discoveries of Dr Jonas is relatively straightforward. All you need is our free online Lunar Conception Calculator. It will be useful for many women.

Where difficulties can arise is, first of all, in dealing with the risk factor. Dr Jonas and those books that wrote about his research didn’t provide precise rules for calculating the risk factor, there were only hints. So we had to develop a rather complex system of criteria, using for this some of the rules of the traditional astrology, that would allow us to distinguish between what we believe is going to be a safe moment for conceiving a child and a potentially problematic moment. This system cannot be completely computerised, at least not yet, as certain things depend on the expert’s judgment and experience.

The second potentially problematic situation can arise if the desired child’s gender is very important for you. There are cases when gender can be defined with confidence, but there can also be other cases where there is some degree of uncertainty. Again, our expert can use a complex system of rules, using some of considerations of the traditional astrology, to choose the moment where the probability of conceiving a child of exactly the desired gender is the highest.

Our specialist has over three years of experience consulting women according to the system of criteria developed by us on the basis of Dr. Jonas’s discoveries. A single consultation requires several hours of work as not only charts for every potential moment of conception are printed out and analysed, but also each of them is compared with the chart of the potential mother. Only after all this work a conclusion is written, and there can be cases where our expert will advise to wait for another year before trying a conception with a reasonably high degree of success.

You can book a personal consultation with our expert by emailing to ok@lunarium.co.uk. The cost of the consultation can be from USD $50 to $100, depending on the complexity of the case, payable by PayPal.

The information that is needed for the consultation includes:

  • The date of birth;
  • The time of birth;
  • The place of birth;
  • The desired gender of the child, if it is important;
  • If there were any problems with conceiving a child in the past; if there were any miscarriages -- approximate dates of them.


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