About The Lunar Days

Lunar Day 14


This day is rather successful and even happy. For all the endeavours, agreements and contracts, it would be useful to discuss or think about them during a walk.

Fate will patronize a child born on this day. All illnesses will pass without any serious consequences. Dreams however can be more or less doubtful.


The symbol is trumpet. The is a day to begin any important endeavour, to use information, to call for anything. Any liquid on this day brings pollution; dry fasting is indicated, as well as prayers, but not very diligent.

Work with sacred texts as well as physical work can be recommended. Sadness, grief, melancholy are possible, as well as contacts with the other worlds.

One should not practise any form of magic, overload their vision, use perfumes; it is better not to look in the mirror.


Lunar Day 15


The 15th day often brings momentary happiness alternating with long disappointment, especially in love. A child born on this day will certainly be very amorous, and can greatly suffer from that.

Those who become ill on this day need not worry about the outcome of their illness. Dreams are almost always fulfilled.


Symbol - a snake. This is a satanic day, with temptations of flesh, astral battles, intensification of the "internal snake" in each person. One must defend justice, observe penance, defeat one's own flesh.

A sleep on the eve of this day will be prophetic for a month. One should not submit to suggestion and should not eat apples. A quarrel is a bad sign, a dog, even if barking, is a good sign.

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