About The Lunar Days

Lunar Day 10


The tenth day is very good and successful for any beginning, both important and insignificant. Grief or sorrow will prove to be transitory. The child born on this day will enjoy travels, trips, hiking and business voyages. The one who will fall ill on this day can die without an immediate help. Dreams are mostly invalid.


Symbol - a fountain. The day for rest, for finding new sources of energy, for exploring the depths of your own nature, activating the carmic memory. Recommended are reflections on one's family tree, meditation on one's own karma in order to clarify the line of life, to strengthen one's home and family.

It would be good to start building something, to have a steam bath. One should not be selfish and superficial.


Lunar Day 11


This is the day of victory an immortality. The one who will die on this day will long live in the memory of his nation or even the whole humanity. This day is good for setting off for a long journey. The child born on this day will have good intellectual abilities and he will live until an old age. Illnesses can be dangerous for females. For males they will be insignificant.


Symbol - a fiery sword. The most energetically powerful day. One needs to be very cautious and attentive and attentive in pursuing any kind of activity. One can pray, undertake a cleansing but after a thorough preparation.

It is better not to overload oneself and not to engage in anything serious when you don't know something or when you are not cleansed. Anything started should be carried to the end.

One should not take cutting tools, even to cut the bread, should not contact insects or kill them. Sign of danger - falling knives and forks.

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