About The Lunar Days: Lunar Days 24 and 25

Lunar Day 24


This day can be named neutral, indifferent. It won't bring any harm if you will continue to do something that was started earlier. A child born on this day may become honest and kind, or greedy, or envious, but in any case he will be a big foodie. The illnesses, as a rule, are not dangerous and won't have any consequences.


Symbol - the bear. The day of awakening and transformation. A revelation and an enormous energy can pour down on someone. A beneficial day for subduing one's physical nature, sexual energy, for conceiving and healing. One should strengthen their health and elevate their spiritual level. One can lay the foundation of a house or a temple. Rapists and sadists are prosecuted.


Lunar Day 25


The day is good and beneficial for any kind of trips and travels, including those for business, as well as for moving house. It is also good for buying and selling, for litigation, but also for sleep and rest.

A child of this day will be a favourite of his own Fortune, good luck will follow him throughout the whole life. The one who falls ill on this day can die without a help from someone else.


Symbol - vessels with live and dead water. A passive, contemplative day. It gives solitude and concentration on spiritual problems. One should cleanse their body from debris, listen to their inner voice. One could undertake a medical fasting. Hastiness is counterindicated. Clearhearing is a sign of slavish dependence on someone.

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