About The Lunar Days: Lunar Days 20 and 21

Lunar Day 20


This day is good for any beginning, both big, important, and trivial. Everything undertaken will have success. A child born on this day will get an angry and disagreeing personality, his parents will have to struggle with him from the very early age.

An illness that began on this day can prove to be quite lengthy. Dreams, as a rule, will be fulfilled.


Symbol - the eagle. A serious day related to spiritual transformation, cognition of the cosmic law, overcoming the doubts. The best day for spiritual illumination, studying spiritual texts, fasting. It is better to spend it at home, being busy with family and traditional matters. Eagle is a symbol of religious feat. One should overcome pride, haughtiness, snappishness. Do not practise spiritual healing, you can exhaust yourself.


Lunar Day 21


This day is beneficial for any kind of trips and travels, as well as for moving house, but only by land. It is also good for buying and selling, for risky business activities, for trade and for storing supplies of food. This is a day for entertainment in a company with other people.

A child born on this day will be distinguished with industriousness and efficiency, patience and discreetness. A person who fell ill on this day can be in a great danger. For thieves and other criminals this day is unsuccessful and unhappy: they will be soon caught and sentenced. Dreams are usually invalid.


Symbol - the horse. An active, creative day. Bravery, fearlessness, voluntary sacrifice, rejection of possessions. Group endeavours are useful, everything that brings people together, one can give an oath of loyalty. One should be honest and fair. It is good to start a journey, to change job, to take water treatments, to do physical exercises, to be in the open air. One should not blindly rush to a goal.

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