Runic Oracle

This is an app for the traditional Runic divination. You can choose between one rune, three runes, and five runes divination. The texts were written by myself for a Runic phone line back in the 1990s, and the design of the app was created by a professional designer.

Runic Oracle, a three runes divination

The user chose a three runes divination, and already picked two of them.

Runic Oracle, the app's menu

Here is the app's menu. You can choose a one rune, a three runes, or a five runes divination, as well as the Runic library and a general information about the runes.

Runic Oracle, the result of a three runes divination

The result of a three runes divination.

Runic Oracle, the Runic library

This Runic library was added to the app on users' request. You can learn the runes and their interpretations here.

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