The Main Phases of Your Life

This calculator implements the ideas described in detail in my book DIY Astrology: Discover the Main Phases of Your Life.

Very briefly, this is one of the most important methods of prognostication of the traditional astrology, simplified in such a way that it can be useful and easy to understand for everyone. The essence of the method is "a day for a year". This means that any events that happen in the sky a number of days after birth will be reflected in the person's life as many years after birth.

This calculator defines the dates of the person's progressed lunar phases. They indicate major turning points in one's life.

  • The New Moon signifies some completion before a new beginning, when you need to say goodbye to the past and to prepare yourself for the unknown future.
  • The First Quarter is a stressful period when one needs to mobilise his or her energy, to make efforts.
  • The Full Moon is usualle the year of culmination, of an achievement.
  • The Last Quarter is another stressful period when one's efforts are usually directed towards career and position in the society.

If a particular progressed phase was an eclipse, chances are it signifies a particularly important and powerful change in the course of life.

To learn more, please read DIY Astrology: Discover the Main Phases of Your Life.

The Progressed Phases of the Moon

Full Moon8.01.2023
Last Quarter14.03.2031
New Moon31.03.2038
First Quarter16.11.2044
Full Moon17.08.2052
Last Quarter1.10.2060
New Moon17.07.2067Eclipse
First Quarter2.04.2074
Full Moon9.04.2082Eclipse
Last Quarter9.03.2090
New Moon2.11.2096Eclipse
First Quarter2.10.2103
Full Moon4.12.2111
Last Quarter15.07.2119
New Moon6.03.2126







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