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iLuna: the astrological lunar calendar. The phase of the Moon, the sign of the Moon and the void-of-course period for many years

The Moon Today

The Current Phase of the Moon

The Phase of the Moon: Waxing

next phase at 5/3/15 8:42 PM

An auspicious time for affairs and businesses which are at an expansive stage of development, as well as for new beginnings. A growth phase: stimulate the growth of plants which bear fruit above the earth now, and cut hair to accelerate its growth.

To see the phases of the Moon for any month and any location, use the Universal Lunar Calendar.

The Current Position of the Moon in the Zodiac

The Moon is in the Sign of Virgo, at 4° 34'

4/30/15 7:02 AM

Attention towards details is on the increase, with a tendency to fault-finding, cleanliness and neatness. It is a good time to undertake routine, painstaking work, and to search for and correct errors. Your body may be more intolerant of low-grade food and harmful substances, and this is a good day to begin a diet.


You can find out in which sign of the Zodiac the Moon was or will be located on any day using the Universal Lunar Calendar.

The Current Moon Void-of-Course Status

Void of Course: Later

4/30/15 5:23 AM

It is believed that anything undertaken when the Moon is void-of-course will bring no result. But there is also another, positive facet of the void-of-course Moon: if something risky or difficult is undertaken, something where other people can create a problem or interrupt you, this time seems to be beneficial, because those who might create a problem can do nothing against you.

To find out when the Moon was void-of-course for any day of any month, use the Universal Lunar Calendar. Here is an article about the void-of-course Moon.

Recent and Coming Apogee and Perigee of the Moon

Recent Apsides

Perigee: 3/19/15 12:38 PM

Apogee: 4/1/15 6:00 AM

Perigee: 4/16/15 8:47 PM

Coming Apsides

Apogee: 4/28/15 8:54 PM

Perigee: 5/14/15 5:18 PM

Apogee: 5/26/15 3:12 PM

If you you are unsure what's the importance of the apogee and the perigee of the Moon, here is an article that will give you some facts and ideas. To find out the dates of apsides in any month, use the Universal Lunar Calendar.

Recent and Coming Solar and Lunar Eclipses

Recent Eclipses

Solar Eclipse: 10/23/14 2:44 PM

Solar Eclipse: 3/20/15 2:45 AM

Lunar Eclipse: 4/4/15 5:00 AM

Coming Eclipses

Solar Eclipse: 9/12/15 11:54 PM

Lunar Eclipse: 9/27/15 7:47 PM

Solar Eclipse: 3/8/16 5:57 PM

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Recent and Coming Retrograde Motion of Planets

Recent Retrograde Periods

Mercury: 1/21/15 - 2/11/15 6:56 AM

Venus: 12/21/13 - 1/31/14 12:48 PM

Mars: 3/1/14 - 5/19/14 6:31 PM

Current or Coming Retrograde Periods

Mercury: 5/18/15 - 6/11/15 3:32 PM

Venus: 7/25/15 - 9/6/15 1:29 AM

Mars: 4/17/16 - 6/29/16 4:38 PM

Here is an article about the retrograde motion of planets in astrology.

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